Travel Image Gallery


Our eyes are the victim of many wanted and unwanted sights. If talking about the most desired view for our ever-scrutinizing eyes, we must not forget to mention the reference of nature’s beauty.

Precisely, seeing the beauty of the nature doesn’t make us satisfied until we put our best possible effort to capture the every glimpse of each single beauty.

Capturing the running motion of a deer or the last ray of the sun throws immense impact on our mind to move forward for the further accomplishment. But we, selfish being are not happy to engulf the beauty only by our eyes. We love to store it not only on the notebook of our mind, but also in the photo book of reality.

Perhaps from this concept, the idea of nature-photography has been derived. Our thirst for beauty will never get satisfied, that’s the reason why we capture the same glance of a same object in a different view and angle.

What is Travel Image Gallery?

Well, you all may have understood it is detailed topic for photography or the image. We often have noticed on the net, many travel-spot’s description comes with the eye-soothing photographs of that place or the most must-visit place of that particular country or city. The collection of images of different places is known to be as Travel Image Gallery.

Why it is required?

It is for the sake of providing the simple overview of that particular place. It’s just a matter of making you visually attached to that place even before reaching there. Or else, if this place falls under the category of your already-visited destination then just to hold back your past memory. By glimpsing those images you can relive your sweet and salty experience of those golden days virtually.

Subject of Image gallery

Every object is based on any subject. The subject or topic, which really makes an Image Gallery more lucrative to the eyes of the viewers are:

  • Landscapes
  • People
  • Festivals
  • Historical Places
  • Animal
  • Birds
  • Plants and Herbs
  • Special Buildings
  • Ritual Places
  • Center for Wellness
  • Local foods
  • Local Unique Transport
  • Adventure Sports photos
  • Sea-creatures

Landscape: Widespread meadow or snow-white tip of the mountain has always been the preferred topic of any photographer. Nature lovers always love to delve deeper in the beauty of the surrounding.

People: Glimpse of local people and their dresses are another mode of attraction to the viewer unknown to that place. It opens the kind of native culture they belong to.

Festivals: Again it is the overview of the culture and the heritage of the native people.

Historical places: Monuments, forts, palaces always show the kind of architectural expertise used to prevail during previous centuries.

Animals: Taking photographs during the jungle-safari can be really very adventurous and full of excitement to the photographer. These photographs really motivate us to go for a long jungle trip to see dangerous tiger and naughty monkey with our own eyes.

Birds: Images of flock of birds gathered together in a Bird sanctuary or the bird on the trunk of a tree makes us feel free.

Plants and Herbs: Ranging from cactus of desert to Rhododendron of hilly region and from palm tree beside the sea to water hyacinth inside the water can’t be hidden from the photographer’s eyes.

Special Building: Any mentionable building like White house of Washington D.C., Twin tower of New York imparts more knowledge about that place.

Ritual Place: Images of Church, Mosque, Temple, and Monastery make us familiar with the predominant religion of that place. For example; image of Tibet is usually found to be with the Buddhist Lamas of the Monastery, which reveals the Buddhist culture of that place.

Center for wellness: Hill station or the sea side of India and many other countries are spotted to be with the various wellness-centers, i.e. Yoga and meditation center, Music therapy center, Spa Center etc. are also on the list of photo-gallery.

Local food: Often the images of crab, lobster and other sea fish can make us licking our lips. Many food festivals are too spotted by many finicky photographers.

Local Unique Transport: City of London with Tram and India with Palace on Wheels are also on the list of the Image Gallery.

Adventure Sports photos: Often we misconceptualize to see the image of skydiver with a bird. Yes, many adventure sports like scuba diving, river rafting, paragliding, ice-skating etc. are also captured in the collection of the Image gallery.

Sea-creature: From innocent dolphin to dangerous shark and even the piranha, little sea-weeds, other fishes can be viewed in the Image Gallery.

How to get Images

Only to see those images, you just have to click the button of few links inside the website. But if you want to license any image for commercial purpose, then many site owner has the variety of offer to you. For that you have to get registered to that site first, and then follow the other steps according to the site’s specification.

Copyright of Images

Yes, all the images are copy-righted by the name of the photographer. So that no one can cheat on the creativity and uniqueness of the creator of that mesmerizing glance

The entire world of images is open to us by the help of Travel Image Gallery. Now we can easily get the pleasure of viewing the beauty of the nature by clicking on a mouse, even without stepping out from our house.