International Health Insurance

The basic difference between a travel health insurance and international travel health insurance policy is, that first is available to all Americans traveling within the country or outside the country for pleasure or business for short duration, says unto 1 year maximum, whereas the latter is for individuals, groups of foreign nationality traveling to US for any purpose.

Why travel health insurance is required?

The simple answer is to travel with complete peace of mind and to enjoy you stay. It protects you financially against emergencies, medical conditions, arising during travel or stays due to unforeseen circumstances or accidents.

During travel or beyond US shores, your normal health insurances ceases to function and you will be exposed to serious awkward situation, if you do not buy a travel health plan. Similar is the case with foreign nationals, traveling to America. As soon as they leave their country the international medical needs are uncovered by their existing health insurance policy.

Geographical exclusions and locations of insurance provider will limit or totally eliminate international health coverage needed.

By purchasing a travel health insurance plan you can get immediate assistance regarding sending a doctor in foreign country to attend you or making available trained medical professionals to attend you round the clock, in case of medical emergency, during travel.

Study by US center for disease controls protection indicates that almost 50% of US citizen, traveling to other countries have to face health problems. To counter this, purchasing travel health insurance plan from a good rating insurance company is only solution. Travel health insurance plan undertake financial risk on you behalf to manage unforeseen medical emergencies.

Travel health plans are short term from few days to say one year, it protects you against adverse medical conditions while traveling abroad. These policies mostly cover only sickness, accidents and emergencies. Many plans provide limited coverage for sudden recurrence of pre-existing health conditions. Some plans also cover medical evacuation, repatriation and accidental death.

Some policies are available with 10 days money back guarantee; wherein if you are not satisfied due to any reason, just return the insurance certificate and ID card, before departing. In such condition you will get hundred percent money back. Policies are available for single trip or multi trip within specified period. You can purchase these policies prior to proceeding on your trip

Let's discuss communally used terms in health insurance before proceeding further:

  • Basic Medical Plan

: Which pays for a fixed maximum amount, agreed mutually for a certain agreed time frame.

  • Claim

: You have to file to obtain payment from insurance company Co-insurance Specified portion of premium cost you have to share with insurance company.

  • Co-payment

: Fixed amount you have to pay to insurance company, every time you utilize the services


  • Deductibles

: It is the amount you have to pay per annum before insurance company commences payment of claims.

  • Exclusion

: Medical conditions which are not covered in the insurance plan


  • Major Medical

: Plan with very wide coverage compared to basic medical plans coverage, can be increased by paying additional premium.

  • Pre-existing Conditions

: Illness, which requires treatment, 3-6 months before purchasing the health insurance policy

  • HMO

: health Maintenance organization is useful to reduce out of pocket expenditure, co-payment and deductibles. Employee has to select a primary care physician, who manages all health care and makes references for specialized treatments if required.

  • PPO

: Preferred Provider Organization in this plan the deductibles are much higher compared to HMOs. Here employees can choose physicians and providers outside the network also.

  • POS

: Point of Service plan: This plan combines HMO and PPO plans. In this plan member an option to pay a fixed charge to use any particular provider network.

  • IPA

: Individual Practice Association is also a type of HMO, where providers in the network agree to provide healthcare, at a pre-negotiated charge.

In most of the cases after payment of deductibles, the insurance company, according to provisions of the policy coverage, reimburses financial benefits:

Normally following benefits are provided in travel and international travel health insurance plan

  • Doctor visit, surgery, post surgery care, anesthesia, radiation therapy, X-ray and lab tests prescribed by doctor


  • Hospitalization expenses, indoor-patient medical emergency
  • Expenses for non-medical evacuation
  • Claims for medical condition due to risky sports like skinning and scuba diving, provided these sports were preferred under qualification instructors.
  • Prescribed drugs, by physicians outside America.
  • Expenses on dental care due to accident or giving relief from dental pain.
  • Death due to accidental or dismemberment
  • Repatriation of remains to home country for international traveler and back to US for citizens.
  • Medical evacuation
  • Bedside visit by specialist
  • Visit by family members.

International health insurance has following benefits:

  • Expenses incurred in medical treatment in each case
  • Maternity expenses, provided conception occur after commencement of insurance cover
  • Accidental death and disablement
  • Alcohol and drug abuse benefits
  • Nervous and mental imbalances
  • Restoration of mortal remains

Foreign students studying in US under 55 years of age, US registered students studying in school, college, university in US or other counties and their dependents are eligible for such policies.

Commencement of policy: 12.01 a.m. on the date correct and completed enrollment form with requisite premium amount is accepted by the insurer. 11.59 p.m. on the last date up to which the premium has been paid, is date of termination of the policy. Policy can be renewed up to a maximum period of 48 months. Insurance cover for dependents automatically stands terminated on the date your policy is terminated. In case premium is not paid for the dependent looses his/ her status of qualified dependent

Policy does not cover the following things:

  • Medical expenses by insured in his/ her country of residence
  • Maternity charges for dependant child.
  • Illness or injury while in defense service.
  • Superficial / cosmetic elective treatment or surgery.
  • Cost of treatment provided educational institute own a dispensary.
  • Expenses after termination of policy.
  • Dental care routine type.
  • Spectacles, contact lens, eye surgery to correct vision.
  • Procession, demonstration or riot related injuries.
  • Professional expenses of any person related to insured or living with him.
  • Day-to-day expenses for newborn baby.
  • Injuries suffered in declared/ undeclared war.
  • Attempt to suicide or internationally inflicted injury.
  • Sports related injuries, professional or Intercollegiate/ University level.
  • Expenses incurred for injuries while insured person is under influence of alcohol or drug, unless taken on prescription of a registered medical practitioner.