Travel Guide and Directory


Dolphin takes you to your desired destination if you are lost while you have chosen sea as you travelvia. Yes, we all need to be navigated when we plan to go for a particular destination.

Well, guidance of the travel guide and direction of the travel directory makes you to get familiar with the unfamiliar place with ease. Making unknown to known and uneasy to easy is the oath of any Travel Guide and Directory.

Travel Guide and Directory is nothing but the listing of any area where you get to see the information about the entire scenario of that particular place. While directory gives you the listing, on the other hand guide gives you the complete researched data of that particular place. We can easily avail the information about:

  • Weather
  • Get-to-see places
  • Accomodation
  • Predominant culture
  • Food
  • Shopper’s stop
  • Major attraction
  • Adventure Sports etc.


The major problems we often face in an unknown destination:

  • Where to stay
  • What to eat
  • What to see
  • Where to go
  • How to go

Obviously, those problems can be very fatal at the time of emergency in an unknown city if you are abandoned with the desired solution.

How it can affect your trip, and make your journey worse nightmare than a sweet dream, let us just have a look;

  • If in case you are traveling with your wife and kids and reached the place at night. Then being ignorant about the availability of the accommodation can make spend your entire night in a street of an unknown city, which can be dangerous to you and your family.
  • Going to a new place can even bring one very obvious uncertainty, which cuisine would be more lip-smacking to us. Many of us try to stick to our known food. While few are very experimental who enjoys tasting the flavor of local delicacy. Deprived of the proper knowledge of the desired food can make your trip unfulfilled in that way.
  • If the reached place is not known to you, then you obviously will not be responsible for ignorant about the eye-stopper of that place.
  • Even if you have certain knowledge about the place you reached, but being ignorant about the way-to-go and other know-how of that destination, can make you uncomfortable in front of your other companion.
  • The major problem then comes to a limelight, if you know where to go and what to see, but don't know how to go. Well, often our trip gets completely jeopardized for the sake of mode of transport. Many a time travelers get cheated by the local conveyance facilitator because of the rent they ask for. By seeing the traveler ignorant, they charge extra money for their service.

Don’t Worry:

Well, those problems are not in front of you to make you scared of going to any unknown place, rather to make you assured that even if you are not literate about the simple alphabets of that place, Travel Guides and Directory will be with you to help as a pre-school teacher.

Where- to-stay:

First to cater the accommodation problem:

Well, travel guide here is fully ready with the information regarding the availability of the hotels, motels, resorts etc. It will provide you with all the information which is sufficient to get an overview of the rate and the other facilities available inside that hotel or resort.

Here you can get the facility of choosing or comparing with the other lodging facilities, as you have handful of offer to ponder and decide.

What –to-eat

If going to sea side and not tasting the sea-food could be very injustice to that place. Yes, knowing the proper or common cuisine, which titillates your palate, is possible by the help of Travel Guide and Directory. It can provide you with the destination of your tongue-satisfaction.

What-to-see and Where-to-go

As the Travel Guide and Directory will provide you with the Map of that particular place, you may not feel that the place is new to you. You can be your own guide if you know every corner of that new city.


All the transport information is also ready here. Even you can get the idea of time and kilometer required to reach that place. Accordingly you can choose your preferred mode of transport to see your ever-dreamt place.


Getting familiar with the predominant culture can prove to be your advantage, if you are familiar about that in advance.


Many Travel Guide and Directory is found in furnished with Travelogues, News and Press Release, Articles on Events and Festivals etc. of any particular place, which makes you deeply rooted with the acquaintance of your favorite place.


You won’t get unwantedly stuck in a bad weather, if you have little information about the weather of the reached destination. That will save you from many life-threatening disasters.

Yes, as all these valuable information are handy in your hand because of the Travel Guide and Directory, you can easily call it“Information Bank” or simply your friend-forever.