Travel Expenses



The report of travel expenses is an important thing to make. They need to be recorded properly in order to review them later. When spent for business purpose, they are non-taxable. Most of the business related travels may be through auto or by airline, are tax deducible. This is also a reason you need to make a report of them.

For claiming your travel expenses you will need a travel expenses form. If you are planning to make big travel expenses and want it to be reimbursed or tax-free, then you need to go through the travel expenses policy of the authority over you. If you are not sure how to classify a certain expense, contact the Account Payable Administrator for assistance.


This is one of the things most people will be interested in, unless they are reimbursed each and every penny of their expenses. Here are a few tips you can use to discover the most efficient travel

Online Travel Industry: You can use the comfort of internet to book tickets. But before you do so take the real advantage you can get from online tickets. You can compare a wide range of options of airfares and choose the most economic one. Online travel industry has also websites which provide you information about all the options in a single website, thus saving your time and labor. It may take some commission for providing you the service, but it is worth it as you finally make some net saving.

Vacation Packages: Using vacation packages is yet another way to trim down your travel expenses. Many online travel industries provide heavy savings on travel packages. Plus, they are more convenient also; you do not need a planning at every step. These packages can save you up to 25% of your good bucks.

Choosing the Hotel: If you go for a vacation package, you select the hotel through them. However, if you have an option to select the hotel, decide boarding in one not in the heart of the city. The hotels in the heart of the city Are usually premium and charge a lot more for the convenience of staying in the heart of the city. You can actually save up to 50% if you compromise not to stay in the middle of the city. And since most cities today have convenient transport, staying at a distance doesn't really causes botheration.

So, this time, decide your holiday or business vacation judiciously and make some savings. And yes, if there is a travel expenses reimbursement facility or tax-deducibility, don't forget to know how you can avail these.