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Travel Essentials

Planning can turn into a nightmare only to find something important missing.  The following are essentially important while planning a trip, regardless of destination.

  • Backpack

A wheeled suitcase is much preferred for it eliminates backaches and strained muscles. Suitcases with backpacks and duffel bags with attached wheels make transporting luggage easy.

  • Daypack

Carrying maps is the most essentials thing which can never be missed out accompanied with bottled water and snacks. While daypacks are not quite stylish, they distribute travel weight across back and shoulders more comfortably.

  • Personal toiletries/ glasses/medications

These essential items vary from person to person.  Pack your toiletries in your carry-on bag.  Carry your medications in their original prescription bottles. Don’t miss out on glasses or lenses if you aren’t sure to find one on your trip.

  • Money belt

Don’t forget to buy a money belt. This saves you from theft. Affordable and essential items can be placed in your daypack.   

  • Comfortable shoes

Comfortable footwear is a must while on a trip. Pack shoes which you can walk in.

  • Travel alarm

Most hotels do not provide a clock unless a good one for which a watch with an alarm is best. Though cell phones can also be used, a small alarm clock that is easy to see in the dark is advised.

  • Rain gear

Collapsible umbrellas, water-repellant jackets, folding hats are a must.

  • Guidebook/map

Carry guidebooks and maps with you. Many people tear out the relevant map chapters which they need. This destroys the guidebook but saves weight.

  • Backup documents

A copy of passport and tickets is advisable  and keep them in a safe place in your luggage. Bring copies of your documents such as credit cards, rental car, insurance information depending on your destination added with telephone numbers of  your bank , credit card and travel agency.

Travel Essentials

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