Travel Consolidations


Looking at your pocket is making you unhappy, because you think you can't gift your wife with a trip to abroad in her birthday. Don’t worry! Every problem has its own solution. Travel consolidator can be your ,guide to make your trip without any hassle. They can help you to pick and choose from the best possible airfare, which suits your pocket, and can make you happy by taking your family to a great trip.

Travel consolidator is the baby of Mr. Edward Hasbrouck, owner of who invented it for the sake of general public to take the benefit of cheapest airfare facility. We often disagree with the difference of Consolidator with Bucket shop.

While the former one is the agency, which deals with the airlines with some discount agreement. These agencies don't have direct dealing system with the customer, it happens only through retail network.

Consolidators are segregated into three major categories,

  • Destination specialist
  • Wholesale Consolidators
  • Bucket Shops” and other multi-shop specialists
Destination specialists:

This is suitable for those travelers who believe in package trip. As this category of customers are benefited by the special package discount of any specified route. As a matter of fact, tie up with few hotels and lodge, these consolidators earn heavy commission. Sending bulk customers to the specified destination with their desired partner, consolidators get benefited by the great deals.

More often most targeted customers of this type of consolidator are immigrant who publishes their advertisements through the publication.

Many finicky and cost-sensitive customers, who invest their money in traveling for getting complete luxury of trip, may find the package offer more lucrative. They find their trip value-for money.

Wholesale consolidators:

This type is not known to consumer publications. They are familiar face to travel agency trade press. They are reluctant to be known to general public. They don't go for retail sales or advertising. They are most comfortable in dealing with retail agent. They even don’t allow retail agency to publicize their contact information. As they earn no allowance or commission for their retail-customer service, they are fully satisfied with their low wholesale margin. They have good eye for professional travel agent, they can easily figure out unprofessionalism of any travel agency. Their earning is entirely based on round trip of those places where they are based.

“Bucket Shops” and other multi-shop specialists:

If your destination is more than one place, then this type of consolidator can help you to fulfill your dream-trip. It is a kind of an agency, which caters to more than one destination or multiple destinations. Sometimes getting good deal at its own negotiated rate directly with the airlines may not seem possible for many bucket shops. To deal smartly, they deal with retail customers and even with other bucket shops. Bagged with bucket of destinations, these bucket shops generally offer the facility of one-way ticket that requires constructing around –the- world tickets. This kind of deals is usually not on offer from other general-purpose consolidators.

Another kind of consolidator is also very predominant in the era of internet and information Technology, i.e. online Consolidators.

Online Consolidators:

This type of consolidator purely works on the basis of internet airfare booking. Those Online consolidators are rapidly taking the place of traditional travel agent. As we all know, clicking on the button and getting the ticket in hand always ease our comfort level. Because of the widespread popularity and convenience of internet, online consolidators can cater more customers from various place of the world. From the point of customers, their door step booking facility can’t be superseded by the inconvenience of getting-ticket-done.

Many of us may have believed in the myth that we can be lucky to get cheaper air ticket on ticket-last-minute offer. Many of us have heard that consolidator purchase some unsold tickets at the last minute and sell it in any price to the customers, which is a fake rumor. At least a couple of weeks are required to import ticket from overseas by your agents. To deliver you with the best possible price-deal and making your trip memorable, your efficient consolidator is always at your service for the sake of avoiding any further complications