Travel Clothes

What travel clothes to take is a major concern. The following ground rules will help you plan right.

Be sharply dressed if you wish to secure the best hotel room, the best table or the best service. Clothes reflect your persona and status. People tend to judge you by what you wear and will act accordingly.

Dress appropriately or otherwise you may not be allowed into many places. Be conversant with the local culture and traditions, where jeans and a t-shirt for supper could be frowned upon, or an uncovered head may block your entry into a holy shrine.

Take travel clothes that can easily be washed (drip dry), are wrinkle free, and require no ironing, such as washable silks.

Opt for travel clothes that complement each other. Select clothing in versatile shades that coordinate well such as black and pastel tones. Dark or neutral colours are appropriate for most occasions, require less cleaning, and conceal stains. Coordinating your travel clothes also minimizes the pairs of shoes and accessories you are required to take.

Carry a clothing steamer that swiftly and effortlessly removes wrinkles from your travel clothing.

Try for a local look when packing your travel clothes. If you dress like an international traveler, you may have your pockets picked or worse may be the target of a racist attack. If you are traveling in Europe, for instance, black slip-ons, synthetic slacks, a polo neck shirt, and a sports jacket can help you fit in perfectly, apart from keeping you warm. You can replace the polo neck shirt with an open collar one when the weather is warmer.

In cooler climes, dress in layers. This connotes dressing in clothes that can be put on or taken off one at a time without resorting to a complete dress change when the weather varies. For instance, instead of a bulky overcoat wear a jersey and a windcheater. If the weather warms up, remove your windcheater and fold it into a carry bag.

To combat wet winters, pack thermal inner wear, jeans, flannel shirts, fleece jackets, woollen hats, warm leggings, and long water resistant boots.

In hot and humid countries, take light, breathable cotton clothes, large brimmed hats, gloves, scarves, sunglasses, and extra pair of clean socks to keep you comfortable.

For rainy weather, carry a mackintosh or rain parka; for beachwear take Speedos or sarongs.

When traveling on business, dark lightweight suits and a neat tie would serve you well. Women can opt for pants suit, attractive blouses, and elegant scarves.

Wear smart, comfortable, and sturdy shoes. Choose rubber soles over leather ones in rainy weather.

Night travel wear can comprise of pajamas, sweat pants and a sleep shirt.

So, choose your travel clothes carefully, keeping in view the travel destination and weather forecast