Travel Channel


The worldwide viewers who have an attachment towards travel are surely acquainted with the Travel Channel. The television channel shows various programs and documentaries that are related to travel. In the past, Travel Channel has featured countless places of the United States and as well as other destinations from all over the world in their various programs.

Some of the widely viewed programs that have caught critics' attention include tours to the grand hotels, African Safari tours; remarkable landmarks and cities tour and haunted destination travel have been popular among the viewers.

Travel Channel was formerly initiated in 1987 by the Trans World Airlines. The key reason of its launching was to promote the Airline Company. The Travel Channel significantly plays an important role to deliver an impact on the various classes of people through their different travel and tourism programs. Today, many citizens are noticed to place an interest on various destinations abroad as well as within the country, for a family vacation or simply for relaxing on their own.

Globe Trekker

If you want to capture the scenario beyond the luxuries of the hotels and flashy lights of the nightclubs, then this television program is definitely for you. Globe Trekker is one of the most popular adventure and tourism based shows, where the camera will take you into an in depth tour of a city, Island, civilization, beach, ethnic cuisines, festivals, shopping malls or anything you name it of anywhere across the globe! The specialty of the show lies in the array of exotic places it aims to broadcast in details. Typically the presenter of the show participates in various local festivals, reunions, fairs or simply just visits a local person from the city that has been selected to broadcast. As a result it delivers a reality show feeling to the viewers. Globe trekker is a popular among the various viewers across the globe and is broadcasted in 40 different countries presently

Lonely Planet Six Degrees

This is yet another popular travel and tourism series which runs on the concept of introducing the new city or place to the viewers with the help of various local persons living in that particular area. The show is hosted by Asha Gill and Toby Amies, where they meet various citizens to as many as six for getting acquainted with the culture, festivals, rituals, cuisines and other landmarks of the place that had been selected to be broadcasted in the show. Some of the popular destinations that had been featured in the show include Mumbai, Sydney, New York, Mexico City, Havana, Hong Kong, Paris, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, London, Cape Town, Auckland and countless other places. This show is just perfect to get to know the people and the cultures of various places across the globe.