Travel In Canada

History and Heritage

Canada is an adventurous option, whosoever wants to explore this field, it offers plethora of ranges and options which could be a dream come true to anyone. It has wide set of options to offer and any body with any set of choices can find something meaningful for him. It is one of the largest cosmopolitan states in the world. People fro mall walks of life and origin can be spotted here which gives a feel of united world and help a person t o settle down faster. It has big cosmopolitan cities like Montreal and Toronto. It s temperature in some regions is as good as North Pole as it has some Eskimos and a frozen belt of ice –which is called Hudson bay.

If somebody is interested in water sports and other adventure sports it could be a dreamland for him. It offers various options of doing so even one can enjoy fishing; it has countless number of lakes and rivers. It has hills and mountains which offers rock-climbing, mountaineering and trekking to enthusiasts. Canada has a region of wild and dense forest which also attracts people. It has much more to offer and a rewarding place and people from all regions have found their way out here.

Sites to visit

Places to explore in Canada

It is a place often advised by the authority of Canada and tourist agencies, it is a park -an eye catching waterfall which is flowing from a height of 83 meters and above and when it assimilates into river is eye catching one.


This is widely considered as one of the best theme park of Canada. Paramount Canada’s wonderland is the name by which it is known. It is basically meant for enjoyment and Childs after coming here loose their senses and it is a paradise for them as it offers more than 60 thrilling rides and more than 200 attractions to explore.


It is one of the wonderlands which are spread across 100 acres and even more. It has a varied collection of 2oth century AD and boasts of rich cultural heritage of great Canadian art.

Niagara Falls

This is the most world famous attraction for tourist and marketed in every nook and corner, it needs no introduction as there are many stories attached to these falls and Niagara falls poster’s could be located in almost every home of the world. This is considered to be the highest fall in the world and is a tourist’s paradise.

This is just a tip of iceberg –this destination with the name of Canada offer much more extensive sites to a traveler and accessing this place would be nothing but only fun. The other thing which makes this area ahead of others is its world class infrastructure and the region is one of the best economies of the world and is quite rich. It offers exclusive set of infrastructure to it s travelers and it covers almost every tourist dream ranging from mountain, water sports, fishing, paragliding monuments church’s ,art and other heritage sites. The fact which makes this area hot is that is its connectivity with the entire world. Fishing in Campbell River, is an exotic experience, skiing in its tough icy islands is one of the things which a person can do there. Watching a polar bear is another eye candy .it offers train in rocky tracks which is again a worth to eyes.


Every nation in this world provides extensive flights to Canada on a frequent basis and as lot of people are settled here for their living from all round the globe so it has plenty of flights available. Getting down to Canada today is one click away. In Canada one can use train transport which is again a luxury and is enjoyable one. This place has a presence of widespread area in the world and is blessed with scenic beauties. It hosts many winter games as it has a potential and services to host to the world standards.

It is also known for its great wine production and it offers great flavor of British Columbia, which is really authentic. Wine festivals are hosted here in plenty to show off its diversity. In any case it gives something to every traveler and its an eye candy which one should must experience in his life.