Travel Brazil

Brazil being the largest country of South America has to offer a lot to the sightseers, from a rich history and modern infrastructures to the immense natural beauty. It shares its borders with all the countries of the continent, except for Chile and Ecuador. Just as the size, Brazil itself is diverse - the wide range of cultures and the races. The mix in the races of the population throughout the country has given rise to a rich culture that is unique and is the major attraction of the tourists worldwide. It is no wonder that today travellers from all across the globe. Brazil some major tourist attractions, such as the cities of Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Ouro Preto, Olinda and several others.

All of these cities offer different culture, plenty of sightseeing places and a wide variety of cuisines. Brazil is also blessed with the beauty of nature. The world's largest rainforest, Amazon and the Iguacu Falls are some of the most renowned landmarks situated within the country. Brazil is also famous for its astounding soccer culture and the annual carnivals and festivals.

Fernando de Noronha Island

The unspoiled stretch of beaches, picturesque landscape and a diverse wildlife found in this Island attracts many tourists, every year from all over the globe. The Island has a rich history of 500 years old and is at presently a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site. The Island boasts of being an important ecologic haven right in the heart of the South America and also the holder of the most astounding marine park of the world. The whole of Fernando de Noronha Island consists of 21 distinct Islands, each of them equally picturesque than the other. A number of activities can be done by the tourists while their visit to the Island, such as boat tours, dolphin watching, diving, surfing, swimming, trekking and various others. A wide range of accommodations are available at the Island, most of them providing B&B service. The only airport of Fernando de Noronha is the perfect way of reaching this destination paradise that has a number of flights everyday from different parts of the Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro

once the capital of the country, rio de janeiro is a large city popular for its wonderful beaches along the coast of the atlantic. the colourful carnivals that are held annually together with the scenic landscape brings a huge number of tourists every year. Rio has a lot to offer to the travellers, from the brazil museums, brazil parks, brazil gardens, historical monuments brazil, native delicacies, brazil music . While your visit to this city of Brazil, it is unlikely that you will get bored. Some of the places that are worth a visit includes Corcovado, Pao de Acucar, Lagoa Rodrogo de Freitas, Maracana stadium, Jardim Botanico, Paco Imperial, Casa Franca Brasil, Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, cathedral Metropolitana, Palacio Guanabara, The National Museum of History, Museum of Fine arts and a countless number of other sightseeing places scattered throughout the city. Activities like paragliding and hang gliding are popular in the city.Number hotels are found all over Rioe Janeiro, according to your budget.

A wide range of transportations are available within the city, both for roaming around or reaching this wonderful city.

Sao Paolo

Sao Paolo or often known as Sampa, being the largest city of Brazil contains a vast population of about 10.4 million. The city offers an abundant of activities; sightseeing destinations and a unique culture that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world, making it one of the most widely visited cities of Brazil. Sao Paolo is popular for the world class dining and restaurants it offers to the travellers and the array of extravagant cuisines that is truly exclusive. Don't forget to have mandioca chips at the local bars while your visit to Sao Paolo. Sao Paulo is known as a modern city, offering every possible facilities of an ideal first world city. The nightlife is excellent at Sao Paolo, offereing some outstanding clubs and bars where you can enjoy the traditional samba music to the techno. The abundance of musueams within the city makes it a must to visit them. The Museum of Modern Art of Sao Paolo is a must for all to visit. Accommodating is easier in the city, as it offers a wide range of hotels from the 5 stars to the budget inns. Getting around the city is yet easier and cheaper to view all the sightseeing destinations. Services like subway, trains, buses, taxi, rent a car, bicycles or even by foot you can explore all around the city.