Travel Books


Travel books are an indispensable travel accessory. They contain a wealth of information and assist travelers in greatly enhancing their trip.

Travel books are coveted possessions for the following reasons.

  • Provide Useful Information
  • Reliable
  • Boost Tourism
Provide Useful Information:

Travel books give comprehensive information about a country, its economy, history, geography, and culture coupled with vital travel facts such as customs, visa, insurance, vaccinations, dietary issues, and allergies.

Travel books clearly mention the hours of operation, telephone numbers and addresses of popular establishments, and the price range of their products and services. Travellers have useful information at their fingertips and can plan accordingly.

A glossary and index are given for better understanding and easy reference.


Writers authoring travel books give first hand, impartial information about the travel destinations they have actually visited. They put things in the right perspective, provide valuable insights about the country's sights and sounds, food and accommodation, current events and entertainment so that international travelers can design a memorable trip.

Boost Tourism:

Travel books give a huge boost to tourism as the beautiful descriptions of travel getaways and the essential information they provide draw in travelers by the hordes, resulting in increased revenue to the concerned countries.

Depiction of idyllic getaways and offbeat activities in travel books are a powerful attraction and create the desired interest to explore the stated destinations.

Visual Impact:

Travel books contain glossy photographs, which simply bring the subject to life. Photographs and illustration are an integral part of travel books and help create a visual impact that speaks more than words can say and leave a lasting impression on the traveller's mind.

Different Styles:

Travel books are written in varied styles to cater to the different requirements of travelers. Some travel books may be short and crisp, whereas others may be long narratives with detailed descriptions. Some travel books may focus on adventure travel whereas others may include historical and cultural trips.

Travel books may target budget-conscious or student travelers, people with special needs, infants, or senior citizens. They may emphasize themed travel such as hiking in Mexico or scuba diving in Australia.


The material for travel books is very well researched. For instance, when describing various restaurants, special mention is made of vegetarian dishes as more and more people are embracing the vegetarian way of life.

Similarly, when addressing Euro travel, travel books give you updates on train reservations, discounted rail passes, travel times and the number of trains on a particular route.

Maps For Direction:

Travel books contain compact maps with suggested routes that enable the traveler to organize his travel plan to center around the marked historical or archeological sites, prominent landmarks or popular shopping malls.

Travel books provide interesting and exciting dimensions that make travel very rewarding.