Travel Attractions

‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever.’….John Keats.

Getting not nostalgic with the poem of Keats, we can easily see that horizon gives us an idea that there is always something beyond the limit. Mentioning those lines doesn’t mean that I am going to write a novel on nature’s beauty, rather I am entirely focusing on that beauty, which impels us to go to the nature. To mention more uniquely, we may call it attraction for the travel. Well, quench for serenity and quest for divinity may compel us to make a trip to an unplanned destination many a time.

  • To some, perhaps only to chill out and feel relax are among the causes for roaming around or simply freaking out. Bound by the duties of day to day boredom, we can’t accuse us if we enjoy strolling down in the serpentine roads of a hill station during chilly winter. We can’t call us insane, if air-conditioned luxury cabin doesn’t impress us more than a sun bath behind the sandy beach. Getting tanned during scorching heat doesn’t cause any matter of hindrance to our journey.
  • Being Bohemian, with a rucksack in the back and either one canvas with easel and palette or one 35mm. SLR camera hanging from one side can be spotted in various travel spots. Those rampant globetrotters are motivated to go for travel just to satisfy their photographic needs or artistic desire.
  • Many of us do not forget to make their family happy by spending time together in a place away from the place usual. They just make a trip just to find them be the part of their family or friends by being with them.
  • Many makes plan for other place out of their own city just to gain divine touch in the lap of hill or by the bank of river. They find satisfaction by taking Jacuzzi bath or Spa message in a very peaceful place of any yoga and mediation center. They find their peace of mind in meditating and keep themselves healthy and wise by Yoga.
  • When the migratory birds come from different places of world, and form their flock in a definite place, called Bird sanctuary, travelers can not turn their eyes to capture the poignant beauty of chirping birds. We don’t know how many poets have been predisposed by the tweeting sound of these birds.
  • Just to make an herbal medicine for the sake of curing patient of uncured disease and to help them by nature care, can lead someone to search and research herbs in different places in the world.
  • Embarking on the local market of the destined travel spot, engrossing in to the panoramic view of the nature and enchanting with the enigmatic culture of the locale always drag us to different place in different time.
  • Last but not the least, just to make relax our body and soul by the adventure sports of different travel destination drags many freaky travelers. Paragliding, river rafting, skiing, and mountaineering may risk the life, but travelers don’t take their step back to enjoy every bit of those nerve-wracking moments.

Attraction for travel may come to us with any reason, we travel freak don’t mind to abide by other causative hurdles. Reasons being variable, we always want to be propelled by the happiness of traveling.

Leaning tower of Pisa, Statue of Liberty of New York or Eiffel tower of Paris, be they present in different places with different surrounding of culture, but can we really stop us viewing gigantism of this historical uniqueness. Our thirst for searching or surfing for different destination never gets satisfied, as we don’t allow it to die within. Reason? The main cause being the stress buster, we don’t forget to nurture our psyche to fly like a bird. Travel brings us freedom, release and new hope. Freedom from own self, release from own bound-to-be- responsibilities and new hope for own future achievements.