Travel Alberta

The province of Alberta is situated in the west of Canada bordered by the provinces of Saskatchewan in the east and British Columbia in the west. The northern part of Alberta is bordered by the northern territories while the southern border is marked by Montana. Alberta is about the size of Texas covering about 661,185 square kilometres and it three times bigger than Great Britain.

Alberta has a rich diverse natural terrain which is full of grasslands, parklands, boreal forests, ancient glaciers and abundant lakes and rivers together with the oldest mountain ranges of the Canadian Rockies

Transportation in Alberta

By Air

Alberta has two international airports that are situated in the cites of Edmonton and Calgary. You can easily get flights to Alberta from almost all the major cities in the world. For the international travellers who are interested to travel to Alberta, they can visit and surf from the tour packages that are available online or they can take help from a travel agent.

Both the international airports provide multiple airlines services worldwide together with a number of charter companies, which are available seasonally. Almost all the commonly used airlines in the U.S and Canada can be accessed from the Alberta Airports.

By Car

There are a lot of ways to get around Alberta by road. Since Alberta is a very large province, renting a car is the best way to roam around the major cities. The Alberta cities, particularly Calgary is huge in area so travelling by car is a must.

By Bus

You can also choose to travel by bus as they are available in all the major centres. A bus service company known as the Greyhound Canada provides bus services and stops by at all the locations. You can also try from the other services such as the Red Arrow which runs between the cities of Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Jasper, Banff and Calgary.

By Rail

The sole passenger rail service in Alberta is the VIA Rail. It travels all the way to Edmonton from British Columbia, Vancouver, Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. However, no passenger rail services are offered in Calgary.

If you are willing to spend your next summer vacation in Canada, Alberta Travel is the best option for you with the highest amount of sunshine and the scenic natural beauty that you will be able to cherish throughout your stay. Apart from the sceneries, you will be able to indulge in a wide range of outdoor activities such as caving, mountain biking, fishing, hiking, horse riding, rafting and wildlife viewing.