Travel Agent

People need to travel for different reasons at some point of their lives. And for traveling they need to make the proper travel arrangements. The ones who travel by road need to reserve hotels and the ones who travel for business purposes need to book their airline tickets together with the hotels as well as car rentals.

No matter what, people need to travel, no matter whether they want to visit their families, go on honeymoons or just take a family trip. The work of a travel agent is to sell travel products to all these traveling people.

A travel agent serves to provide the needs of these traveling people and educate them of the necessities that they have to consider while making their journeys. The work of a travel agent is pretty similar to that of a real estate agent.

He reserves hotels for his customers, books tickets for their fight and is paid by the agency suppliers by a commission. The travel agent can also charge his customers for the service he provides. For example, if an agent books a hotel room for his customer, the agent would send the request to the hotel company and then the hotel would send a commission of about 10 % of the hotel price excluding the taxes and other fees. A hotel room for $100 per night would mean an earning of $10 each night for the agent.

In order to register with a supplier, a travel agent should open an account with the provider. The membership with the supplier has a few requirements, such as bank balance, sales, experience or knowledge in the required field and some amount as the membership fees. For ordinary travel agents, it is not possible to affiliate with these organizations, in that process the agent can join a travel agency or can start working independently. It is particularly advantageous to work with the travel agencies as most of them are not able to make enough money in the sales with a definite supplier in order to obtain greater percentage of commission or bonuses. By working with an agency with the many other agents can help in increasing the percentage of commission that they can get as a combined result of the sales of all the agents. Working with an agency can also make an agent feel supported and non-isolated and that can boost up his morale as well as help him learn new things.

The commissions that the agents get from the suppliers can come from the following products:

  • Hotels
  • Cruises
  • International Airline Tickets
  • Travel Insurance
  • Train Tickets
  • Car Rentals

Apart from these products, the travel agents can also get additional commission on attraction tickets and some other forms of road transportations, for example, when some customer rents a limousine.

Travel agents can provide their customers with prices that are the same as the suppliers and sometimes even cheaper through discounts and special offers. They achieve this by working with the suppliers who affiliate themselves only with the travel agencies. When a person wants to choose from the options of booking and information related to their travel, he might not know all the possible things. In that case a travel agent can be very handy. The travel agent can not only give the traveler valuable information, he can also give a good value to his customers, at the same time earning from it. These agents help people save their time and their money before on their travel preparations.