Transportation Services

Transportation is the mainstay of economic growth and activity. Transportation is now an essential part of life from commuting to work, to and from airports, bus and train terminals and even on a vacation. Public transportation is often complemented by private travel agencies to support the commuting needs of a demanding population.

Charter Bus Services

To charter a bus means to hire a bus with the driver, to be used by a group of people for either personal traveling like tours excursions or weddings or for business purposes. The charter is for a specified period of time. Bus charter is the ideal means of transport for small or large groups. You can charter a bus for school trips, educational field trips, tours, excursions, private parties, weddings or cross country tourism. Chartering a bus makes more sense, as buses are the safest mode of transport.

The benefits of a charter service are

  • All charter services provide an experienced professional driver so you are spared the hassles of maps, routes, driving, congestion on the roads and ofcourse the hassles of parking. For you it is a care-free trip.
  • You can read, relax, enjoy the scenery or simply sleep.
  • Socialize with other passengers, make new friends.
  • Enjoy the beverages or snacks on board.
  • Or enjoy the music/ movie options provided.
  • Save money, more often the cost of a charter is less than renting a car or flying.
  • Lastly charters provide door to door service.
  • All buses and motorcoaches are environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient.
  • Safety and security on the road is a plus. According to the Federal Highway Administration, motorcoach accidents account for less than 1% of all highway fatalities.

Charter bus rentals offer a lot of options and run the entire gamut from the spartan to the lavish. The fleet of buses on offer is the buses, mini-vans, motorcoaches etc.

  • Basic Bus: Standard bus charters are the school bus types, large and comfortable. They are short on added frills, but basic service is provided. They come with a professional certified driver and are ideal for large groups. The ride is comfortable and is cost effective.
  • Double Decker bus: In large metropolitan cities, the charter services offer double decker buses which are ideal for out of city or country tours. Toilet facilities are provided on the bus. They are typically chartered to sportsmen to travel to tournaments.
  • Party buses: Ideal for small group outdoor parties, you can enjoy without having to bother about driving.
  • Tour Buses: These buses are essentially for tourists and have bathroom facilities and reclining seats, entertainment in the form of music or movies is provided.
  • Limousine Bus: Plush charter buses with all amenities. Good if you do not have a cap on your budget.
  • Mini vans: Mini vans are usually for use within city limits.
  • Luxury Tour Buses: Usually meant for long distance traveling, they are done up as luxury suites with bathroom, kitchen and sleeping facilities.
  • Luxury Motorcoaches: For 35-55 people equipped with VCR and multiple screens, stereo sound system, rest rooms, and kitchen. Cost-effective, on time service and cheaper than flying.
  • Executive Coaches: Are custom-built suites on wheels, with bathrooms, bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, and top line communication gadgets.

The motorcoach industry transports on an average 750 million passengers, covering 40 billion miles, that is 10 times more than airlines. Most charter bus providers maintain Department of Defense.(DOD) approval and Department of Transportation (DOT) safety ratings.

Shuttle Bus Services

Shuttle bus services usually operate between two destination points, such as from the airport to the city center or hotels. Airports, hotels, tourist and amusement parks and even business companies usually provide shuttle services. But the most popular form of shuttle bus service is to and from airports. Shuttle service is excellent for airline travelers as they are prompt, offer door to door service and the ride is comfortable, all at the fraction of the price of a taxi.

Shuttle bus services provide professional, licensed drivers, liability insurance, well-maintained, environmentally friendly and clean vehicles. They have an online 24-hour reservation facility. An airport co-ordinator is also present to help you and state of the art dispatch software.

Shuttle Express is the only licensed share ride operator in the Puget Sound region and the authorized shuttle bus operator for the SeaTac airport.

The New York Airport Service is an authorized scheduled shuttle bus from New York airports to Manhattan.

Shuttle bus services also operate interstate such as the California Shuttle Bus, which operates between Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. It is an excellent mode of travel, if you do not like flying and crowded airports. You can also enjoy the scenic routes as someone professional drives.

Airport Bus Services

Most airport bus services are complimentary services offered by the airport or the hotels in that area and even if you have to pay, the fares come to a fraction of the cost of a taxi. Bus stops are located outside the baggage claim and buses arrive at timely intervals. You can also book online, a one-way ticket is valid for 24 hours and a round trip ticket is valid for a month.

New York airport Services provide buses from Manhattan to JFK airport, LGA airport and midtown hotels.

The Newark Liberty Airport Express Service operates to and from airport to Midtown Manhattan. The buses arrive every 15-30 minutes and operate the year around. Seniors can avail reduced fare and children under 12 travel free.

Car Transport Services

Transportation by taxi and rental cars is viable option if you prefer to travel by yourself and can pay more.

Taxis are often available for hire and in most cases are metered. You can hail a cab on the street or ring the cab service for one.

Car rentals are a mite more expensive but service is correspondingly better with uniformed drivers, curbside assistance etc. The cars available on rent also run the entire spectrum from Lincoln Towncars to stretch Limousines.

Auto Transportion Services

Transporting your car, when you relocate is now easily taken of with the help of auto transporters. You can choose a transport company, either by reference or online. Book at least 15-20 days prior to your leaving. The auto transporters usually pick up your car at a destination near to your home. Check that the car is free of your belongings, and it has been serviced recently. Inoperable cars can be transported too, you have to notify at the time of booking. Your car is insured for its Blue Book value during transit. The auto transporters take 20-25 days to deliver your vehicle. Cars are transported in an open or closed container, as per your choice.

As Jose of Mt. View, Ca a satisfied customer of Express Transport Service says, " Overall, service was impeccable, Thanks for making my relocation process smoother".