Train Travel

It is often said that a human being spend a big amount of time of his life in traveling and that also through various modes and amongst all these modes traveling by train is considered to be sweetest and safest. Train travel is the most convenient, safest, economical and yet comfortable one comparatively. Train connects the economy and help

It grows by a bigger way. If we take an example of a country say the world second most populated country –India-Train has got a major significance more than 18 % of the population of this nation which is around 16 cores plus uses this transport and it is the largest employer of the country with the 2nd largest network in the world, which makes it interesting in itself. Due to its geographical imbalances it has different set of trains ranging from narrow, meter and broad gaze. It was installed by Britishers when they were holding the power in India. And it really covers various nook and corner of this spread nation through mountains, oceans and wide forests.


Traveling by a rail mode is really a wonderful experience on its own, it is basically used to long distances and short distances as well depending on the locations. A rail may have minimum of 3 to 30 boogies or apartments connected to it which carries around bunch of people together. In hilly areas it sometimes has only 3 boogies and it may speed around 30 miles / hr to 15o miles depending on the gazes. There is a concept of luxury trains as well, there is a train with a name of palace on wheels which is considered as the costliest train of the world, and it is known as a heritage train and basically designed for luxury purposes. And it covers the national and cultural heritage of Rajasthan. There is a variety amongst trains which attracts a human being towards itself, initially they were running on coal, then diesel and now electricity it had undergone a tremendous improvement in terms of speed and style. Their looks and the sound of engine attract anybody to have an experience with it. The cloud of smoke which it exhausts is worth to watch for. Its whistle is contemporary and many people have different set of attachments involved with it.

Traveling by a train gives immense time to passengers and to interact with each other many time the bond lasts in such a manner that people become best of buddies in life just because of one or two days trip in the train. There is facility of food, water and other basic amenities. It carries an environment with itself and is the most convenient, economical land comfortable mode .It makes going easy and it suits to the all he segments of the society. Its traveling is a fun as it explores areas which may be a dense forest, hilly as well as plain. Traveling by another mode may be uncomfortable and costly affair while train mode is worth and rejuvenating one. People get into close contacts with each other as it is a symbol of national integrity and unity as well. Train not just carries cargo and passenger but it mobilizes resources and is an important aspect for any economy as well.


Some trains are very fast and luxurious they give a homely comfort they are well decorated, with cushions around, Air condition, plenty of leg space and a serving and a sleeping room, everything which a human can desire while traveling can be made available in it. It is really an experience to anybody. To a common man it gives an opportunity to get closer and to make an interaction with one another it is always found that in trains people act very friendly and become really cooperative at times.

t is said that if you want to know a country and its people then one should travel by a train only, well there are other ways but his is something special and it is a great learning experience to anyone. In hilly areas there are small trains which offers honeymoon packages to couple and shows he scenic beauty as well ,there are many such places and it increase the charm of life manifolds. There are special trains for such occasions. It is a symbol of national integrity and it carries a tradition along with it-a major pillar towards growth and development of the nation.