Train Reservation


Traveling by a train can be a wonderful and learning experience by itself, but one needs to fulfill some set of formalities to enjoy a ride. Their are various segments and are priced accordingly as it is a very popular mode so one needs to pull up his socks in order to get a seat of his choice otherwise it may prove to be a nightmare. Its segments can be categorized basically into three parts. Every category has a provision of buying ticket by a train mode because it suits everybody’s pocket and everyone has a set of options to choose from.


  • AC Compartments—AC -1 Tier, AC -2 Tier, AC -3 Tier
  • Sleeper class-Sitting and sleeping births.
  • General—Sitting only

Due to its segments it has differential set of pricing suiting to everyone’s need. There are plenty of ways by which a reservation can be done. Some common ways of doing it are.

  • Over the counter
  • Agents
  • Online booking—Payment by credit cards
  • Instant booking -- 24 hrs prior to the train timing.

A train is a remarkable experience in one’s life and it has a privilege of various classes, in order to get all these one can choose his set of choices, The cost of travel can be the lowest in its class but it could range to as good as an air travels-- Economy mode, if somebody is using AC 1-Tier facility. One could walk up to the counter and can enquire about the timings and destination and can get it booked accordingly. There are full fledged agents working on all the corner of any country who works for passengers for some commission as it avoids the unrest caused to anybody of standing in a queue.

Today we are living in the world of globalization and world is connected on 24 hrs basis anybody can have any sort of information over the online, this is the most convenient way of doing a thing, one can have the access of information of trains its timing past history of the specific train and reservation timings, How to go for it even the areas one could watch and enjoy. One just needs to have a credit card and he can book a ticket just over a click through online. Technology has just made the life of an individual really easy. Remember the pain of going to a railway station ,sweating out, standing in queues for hours for rail reservation and then response – Tickets sold or not available. All these factors are eliminated and internet has take over and it is most convenient way for reservation of tickets, one can book it over the net and reserve his seats and enjoy his ride.


Instant booking and reservations is a newly launched concept in few of the countries; many times it happens due to strange and surprising things happening in lives of people. They for some reasons best known to them cancel their scheduled tickets and it gives a opportunity to others who might be there in waiting lists or some who wants to avail the opportunity. Just 24 hrs prior to the departure of the respective train and one can book his place on payment of some extra bugs. This is very promising way and it enthralls a hope in a customer until the last chance. Some train which are meant for luxury and heritage purposes need to be booked well a year in advance e.g. palace on wheels is booked well in advance say an year because these are special trains and one should plan his visit accordingly.

Similar set of approach is applied in case of 2nd class sitting and sleepers, but if somebody is traveling by a general class then he can book it directly before the departure of a train. There are other ways of doing things which does not fall under the category of law but still are very much into the practice like black ticketing-it means getting a ticket through an authorized agent, who is under law not acceptable but people do it to avoid unrest and to save their time. It happens some agents get tickets through any means and sold it on double of the prices to needy one and customer buy it over as he has left without a choice.