Topkapi Palace

Sultan Mehmed second, passed the order for the construction of Topkapi palace in 1459. The Topkapi palace is in Istanbul, Turkey and was said to be residence of Ottoman Sultans. The Topkapi palace is now a museum, containing many things related with Muslims rituals which became the main attraction of tourists to visit this palace. In 1985, it came under UNESCO Site. This palace has a vast complex with four courtyards, kitchens and small buildings. In 1509, earthquake and in 1665, a fire has effected it and after that it has been continuing in the project of renovation. Now this Museum is under the administration of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Facts About Topkapi Palace:

Topkapi Palace is appreciated by the visitors because of its uniqueness and its old architecture which is more than 3oo years old. Also it has preserved the painting, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, decorative arts in it from the time of Ottoman sultans.

Topkapi Palace Turkey

Topkapi Palace Information

Topkapi Palace General Information
Type Palace (1453-1853), Accommodation for ranked officers (1853-1924), Museum (1924-present)
Architectural Style Ottoman, Baroque
Location Istanbul, Turkey
Coordinates 41°0′46.8″N 28°59′2.4″E
Construction Started mid-15th century
Topkapi Palace Technical Details
Structural System various low buildings surrounding courtyards, pavilions and gardens
Size 592,600 to 700,000 m2 (6,379,000 to 7,500,000 sq ft)
Topkapi Palace Design and Construction
Client Ottoman sultans
Owner Turkish state
Architect Mehmed II, Alaüddin, Davud Ağa, Mimar Sinan

Weather Around Topkapi Palace

The temperature of Topkapi Palace is 30-34 degrees in the month of June to August. December to March it has 15-18 degrees. September to November it has pleasant temperature. This time is most suitable for tourists to visit Topkapi Palace.

Topkapi Palace enjoys vivid type of temperature and climate because it is situated in the place where there is variation in geographical nature. Rainfall comes in November-January. Summers comes in June to September. Winters comes in January to March.

Places to Visit in Topkapi Palace:

Library: This library is situated in the middle of the courtyard of Topkapi Palace, containing the old and wide collection of books.
Treasury Section: This section is in Topkapi Palace where many precious ornaments are kept, at the time of Sultans.
Harem in palace: This is the most beautiful place in theTopkapi Palace. It was the place where wives and children of the sultans lived there.
Archeological Museum: This museum contains antiques like weapons, swords of that time of sultans. This is said to be oldest museum in the world.
Courtyard: In the Topkapi Palace there are many courtyards but only one is open for general public to visit, that gate is known as Imperial Gate. There are many things attached with this courtyard like hospital, bakery, storage place etc.

The other things to see in Topkapi Palace are portraits of sultans, clocks and holy relics of Islam, Koran scripts, religious books which can be seen in the courtyards.

Topkapi Palace Hours

Opening Hours

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Closing Day


Topkapi Palace Tickets Rates

  • Entrance fees: Between $10 to $15 depending on the exchange rate.
  • Turkish students and soldiers : Free
  • Entrance fee for the Harem section:  Additional $10