Time Travel


Is time travel really possible? This is a question that scientists have been trying to answer for a long time. According to modern scientific theories, travelling through time might really be possible but our present technologies are far too naïve to perform time travelling experiments. Perhaps after hundreds of years the humans might be able to intent the perfectly working time machine, but that’s only optimism.

If the human beings can really master time travel, it will be possible for the ones living in the distant future to interact with us,

or for us to interact with the ones who have passed away. The concept of time travel is one of the most captivating things that science has brought to us. In some way or the other, we are all travelling in time.

For example, when we are doing working, studying or performing any kind of activity, time is travelling past you. Each second, the present is being converted to the past and the future is being converted to the present. All these thoughts have forced scientists and physicists for ages to find ways to get to the bottom of the mystery of time.

Although the concept of time travel was there for centuries, it was the ingenious work of Albert Einstein and this special theory of relativity that had really laid the theoretical possibilities of time travelling.

Before we can understand the theories related to time travel, it is important for to understand time. Time is an entity what we cannot see or touch but can definitely feel its effects. Although we all use the word “time” in our everyday lives, few of us knows its actual definition. The existence of time shows in all the things that we own – our bodies, infrastructures, trees and most importantly, our lives. If you ask a person to define time, the person will simply look at his watch and tell you – but this is not the definition that we are looking for. Time is defined as the fourth dimension of the universe. Time is closely related to space the relationship is known as the space-time continuum – that states that no event can occur in our universe without the presence of space and time.

According to Albert Einstein, as an object comes near to the speed of light, time slows down. This has lead to many scientists believe that if we can generate speeds greater than the speed of light, we will travel in time! Although travelling faster than the speed of light is not possible but scientists believe that some day the science will advance to such heights where they will design the ultimate time machine.