Theme Cruises

Theme Cruises

Theme Cruises

About Theme Cruise

  • Today people know and enjoy cruises.
  • But theme cruise vacations are something new. If you are looking for something more then relax and fun it is just right for you.
  • You can take active participation in theme cruise.
  • It will be more interesting and adventurous for you.
  • You can combine vacation with your interest.
  • In theme cruise, all the passengers are encouraged to participate in the different activities related to the theme.
  • You can have series of activities and programs related to your interest.
  • It is so much fun having people with same interest around you. All the activities goes on whole week or whatever the time period of cruise.

Themes for Theme Cruise

  • Earlier, it was not so popular but from few years it is gaining popularity.
  • People love to do or talk about what they like.
  • You can find these special cruises on variety of topics.
  • Like chocolate cruise, jazz cruise, etc. there are many small ships that are specialized for some special topics like lectures, boutiques, murder mysteries, etc.
  • You can choose the field of your interest and you will get the cruise specialized in that subject.
  • In this type of cruise, entire ship is decorated according to the theme.
  • There are few organizations that book the whole ships for their own. For example, Atlantis Events organize gay and lesbian cruises.
  • Some other organizations like poker organization that charters whole ship for their annual gaming tournament.

Best Time for Theme Cruise

  • The best time to enjoy theme cruise is December and January.
  • Cruises have less demand before and after holidays.

Expenses on Theme Cruise

  • Now coming to price part.
  • Cost of cruise depends on the theme of cruise.
  • If you are going to have parties ever night then it will cost more.
  • If you are going to have performance every night then naturally the cost will increase.
  • If you want to visit same places without theme cruise that will be cheaper for you.

Best Features of Theme Cruise

  • Having more fun then just having relaxation on beaches, shopping or sightseeing on cruise is theme cruise.
  • You can participate in your passion and thought, with the people who have same interests like you.
  • Your hobby can be photography, politics, rock and roll music, religious pursuits, or anything. These theme cruises are available in variety of topics.
  • Just book a cruise and enjoy your hobby with others while having exotic vacations. There are mainly two types of theme cruises first which is put on by some private organization and the second one is cruises that are run by different cruise lines.
  • Important benefit of these theme cruises is that these cruises bring people closer to each other who think alike. They can share their views and ideas. This work is not possible on other simple cruise where people have different interest.