Temples in New York

Temples in New York

There are different types of temples in New York. The city that houses some of the top tourist attractions in the world has varied places of worship. Some of these places are world famous tourist attractions. There are various churches, synagogues, mosques, Hindu temples, Buddhist temples, etc., in and around the city.

Hindu Temples in New York

There are quite a few Hindu temples in and around the city of New York.

  • Shri Surya Naryana Mandir in Queens, Sri Nitai Gauranga Mandir in Avenue B, Bhuveneshwar Mandir in Queens, and State Island Hindu Temple in Staten Island, are few of the notable temples in the NYC area.
  • The Brooklyn Hindu Temple, Hare Krishna Temple, Shri Rama-Krishna Temple, Shree Satyam Mandir, and Cypress Hill Jyothi Mandir are few places of worship in Brooklyn.
  • Sri Hanuman Mandir in Jerusalem Avenue, Vaishnave Temple of New York in Holliswood, Sri RajaRajeshwari Peetam in Hush, and Hindu Temple of Rochester in Pittsford are few of the temples around NYC.

Buddhist Temples in New York

  • The largest temple for Buddhists in the city is the Mahayana Temple. Located in the Canal Street, this temple has a 16-foot Buddha statue.
  • New York Zendo Shobo-Ji, also known as the ‘Temple of True Dharma,’ is located in Manhattan. It is a Rinzai practice facility.
  • Rinzai institution, First Zen Institute of America, is open to laypeople. 
  • Kwan Um institution, Chogye International Zen Center, offers workshops, retreats and everyday practice regimen.
  • Still Mind Zendo is a simple Zazen practice centre with lay teachers.
  • Soto Zen institution, Village Zendo is located in Broadway, NY.
  • The USA Shaolin Temple is a popular Shaolin Chan practice centre. It is located in Broadway, NY. 

Mormon Temples in New York

There are three popular Mormon temples in New York.

  • Harisson New York Mormon Temple
  • Manhattan New York Mormon Temple
  • Palmyra New York Mormon Temple

Sikh Temples in New York

Some of the Sikh Temples or Gurudwaras in NY are,

  • Gobind Sadan in Hastings
  • Gurudwara of Rochester in Penfield
  • Guru Gobind Singh Sikh Center in Plainview
  • Metropolitan Sikh Club of New York in Astoria
  • Sikh Center of New York in Flushing
  • Sikh Cultural Society in Richmond Hill
  • Sikh Shaba of New York in Flushing
  • Mid Hudson Sikh Cultural Society in Fishkill

Many such places of worship or temples in New York are worth a visit for their historical, cultural and religious significance. Like the restaurants and neighborhoods in NY, these places of worship prove the fact that New York is a true melting pot of cultures.