Temples in Colorado

Colorado Temples

Colorado is a state that has a good number of temples representing various religions and sects. These are indicative of the harmony and tolerance among the people of the state. Here are a few well known temples in Colorado:

Avalokiteshvara Buddhist Temple

The Buddhist prayer hall and center situated in the heart of Denver’s Capitol Hill area is one of the contemporary prayer centers that attract Buddhist practitioners. Its main aim is to provide a common platform for those seeking to learn and understand Buddhist mediation. They hold regular programs for all age groups and organize school visits too.

Denver Colorado Temple

Located in the beautiful neighborhood of Centennial, this Mormon temple is a white structure with flower beds and a water body in the front face of the temple. Opened to public in 1986, this temple serves the Mormon community and celebrates al the festival sand rituals typical of the Latter Day Saints.

Temple Sinai

The temple is located in Denver and was founded in the year 1967. This Jewish temple aims to celebrate the Jewish heritage and offers space for worship and study of Jewish practices and also serves as a meeting point for all the members of this community. The temple conducts worship services during weekends and celebrates all the festivals important to the community with great fervor. They hold various community service programs to bring the members closer and also conduct educational events to enrich the spiritual and social well being of its members.

Hindu Temple of the Rockies

Situated in Littleton, Denver, this temple is dedicated to the service of the Hindu community of American Indians. This temple was established in 1984 and has ever since grown on to become a full fledged place of worship and gatherings for the Hindu community, not only in Denver but also the rest of Colorado.

Temple Shalom

Situated in Colorado Springs, this Jewish temple founded in 1971 is a congregation that supports the conservative as well as the Reform movements of Jewish religion. They conduct regular weekend worship services for the conservative and the Reform tradition worshippers separately.

Sri Venkateshwara Temple

Located in Castle Rock, Denver, this is a temple for the Hindu community. In addition to being a place of worship, this temple also nurtures the Classical dance and music of India. They cater to every religious need of the Hindus and the temple is a meeting point for Hindus from all over the state.