Temples in Arizona

Arizona Temples

The state of Arizona has three temples dedicated to the Latter-Day Saints community. A brief description of these temples in Arizona is given below.

The Mesa Arizona Temple

The first temple built in Arizona in the year 1927 is the oldest and most prominent of the temples in Arizona. The high light of the temple is the grand staircase around which the temple has been designed. The staircase leads to the highest level of the building, occupied by the Celestial Room. This temple is the only one built without any towers or spires. Instead there are carved friezes at the corners of its rectangular top. It was also called the Lamanite temple as it became a pilgrimage centre for the Mexican Saints and the Native Americans.

Gila Valley Arizona Temple

The latest among the temples of Arizona, this temple was built in the year 2010. The temple is situated at the foot of Pinaleno Mountains.The temple has been designed keeping in line with the tradition by including a towering spire. The gold-leafed figurine of the angel – Moroni has been installed at the tip of the spire.

Snowflake Arizona Temple

The temple was the second to be built among the temples in Arizona. Located on the top of a bluff, it is also called as Temple Hill. The temple is a beautiful structure built in 2002 using polished granite for its exterior. At the entrance to the temple is a beautiful water creation. The furniture in the interior sports hand-carved pieces in tune with the Native American culture. The stained glass windows add to the serenity of the temple.