TAME Airlines

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TAME Airlines
TAME Airlines Information TAME Airlines Fleets
TAME Airlines History TAME Airlines Destinations

TAME Airlines Information

TAME Airlines IATA
TAME Airlines ICAO
TAME Airlines Callsign
Founded 1962
Hubs Mariscal Sucre International Airport
Frequent flyer program Distancia TAME (shared with TACA Airlines)
Fleet size 11
Destinations 14
Parent company Ecuadorian Air Force
Headquarters Quito, Ecuador
Key people Cesar Naranjo A. President
Website http://www.tame.com.ec

TAME Airlines History

TAME airlines is commonly referred to as TAME, Linea Aerea del Ecuador and it is Quito, Ecuador based airline. TAME airline serves the services with schedule domestic flights and international flights to base the commercial branch of the Ecuadorian Air Force. TAME abbreviation is Transportes Aereos Militares Ecuatorianos.

TAME airline was established in 1962 with the hub of Mariscal Sucre International Airport. The TAME airline fleet size is 11 and destinations are 14. Parent company of TEME airlines is Ecuadorian Air Force. Headquarters of the airline is Quito, Ecuador and the key person of TAME airline is Cesar Naranjo A. President.

TAME Airlines Destinations

  • Baltra
  • Coca
  • Cuenca
  • Esmeraldas
  • Guayaquil Hub
  • Lago Agrio
  • Loja
  • Macas
  • Machala
  • Manta
  • Portoviejo
  • Quito Hub
  • San Cristóbal Island
  • Tulcan
TAME Airlines International Destinations
  • Colombia
    • Cali
    • Cartagena de Indias [charter]
    • San Andrés [charter]
  • Cuba
    • Havana [charter]
    • Varadero [charter]
  • Dominican Republic
    • Puerto Plata [charter]
    • Punta Cana [charter]
  • Jamaica
    • Montego Bay [charter]
  • Panama
    • Panama city [charter]
TAME Airlines Past Destinations
  • Bogota
  • Manaus
  • Santiago de Chile

TAME Airlines Fleets

TAME Airlines Current TAME Fleet (December 2007)

TAME Airlines Type Registration Serial Seats Year Built With TAME Since Name
Airbus A320-232 HC-CID 934   1999 25.08.2009 Ciudad de Quito
Airbus A320-232 HC-CGW 2084 Y180 2003 2008 Ciudad de Quito
Airbus A320-214 HC-CGJ 657 Y180 1997 2008 Ciudad de Guayaquil
Airbus A319-132 HC-CGT 2659 Y135 2006 2008 Ciudad de Esmeraldas
Embraer E-190-100LR HC-CEZ 19000027 Y104 2006 Jun 10 2006 Ciudad de Cuenca
Embraer E-190-100LR HC-CGF 19000137 Y104 2007 Dec 18, 2007 Ciudad de Loja
Embraer E-190-100LR HC-CGG 19000141 Y104 2007 Dec 18, 2007 Ciudad de Manta
Embraer E-170-100LR HC-CEX 17000087 Y76 2006 2006 Francisco de Orellana
Embraer E-170-100LR HC-CEY 17000092 Y76 2006 2006 Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
Embraer 120 HC-CEM 120227 Y32 1991 2007 (none)
Embraer 120 HC-CDM 120088 Y32 1988 2007 Ciudad de Machala

TAME Airlines Aircraft previously with TAME (most recent sorted first)

TAME Airlines Type Registration Code Serial Seats Year Built With TAME
Boeing 727-2T3/Adv HC-BHM
FAE-078 22078/1644 Y155 1980 1980-2009
Boeing 727-230/Adv HC-BZS
FAE-620 21620/1419 Y155 1978 1999-2009
Airbus A320 HC-CDY
"Ciudad de Quito"
(none) 2014 Y162 2003 2003-2008
Airbus A320 HC-CDZ
"Ciudad de Guayaquil"
(none) 2044 Y162 2003 2003-2008
Fokker F-28-4000 HC-BZU
"Morona Santiago"
FAE-112 11112 Y82 1976 1999-2007
Fokker F-28-4000 HC-CEH
"Ciudad de Loja"
FAE-228 11228 Y70 1985 2004-2007
Boeing 727-134 HC-BLE
FAE-691 19691/487 Y123 1967 1984-?
Boeing 727-134 HC-BLF
"El Oro"
FAE-692 19692/498 NA 1967 ?-2002
Boeing 727-17 HC-BLV
FAE-328 20328/806 NA 1970 1985-?
Boeing 727-230/Adv HC-BSC
FAE-788 20788/1011 NA 1974 1993-?
Boeing 727-230/Adv HC-BRI
FAE-560 20560/887 NA 1972 1991-?
Boeing 727-230/Adv HC-BZR
FAE-618 21618/1404 NA 1978 1999-?
Boeing 727-230/Adv HC-BSU
FAE-622 21622/1431 NA 1979 1993-1998
Boeing 757-23A XA-RLM (none) 24566/255 NA ? 1999
Boeing 737-2V2 HC-BIG
"Ciudad de Cuenca"
FAE-607 22607/775 NA 1981 1981-1983
Fokker F-28-4000 HC-BMD
"Ciudad de Loja"
FAE-220 11220 NA 1984 1985-2003
Hawker Siddeley HS-748-285 HC-BAZ
FAE-738 1738 NA 1975 ?-1987
Lockheed L-188C Electra HC-AZL
FAE-1050 1050 NA ? 1974-?
Lockheed L-188C Electra HC-AZT
FAE-1040 1040 NA ? 1975-?
Lockheed L-188C Electra HC-AZJ
FAE-2004 2004 NA 1959 1975-1989
Lockheed L-188C Electra HC-AZY
FAE-1052 1052 NA 1959 1975-1988
Douglas DC-6B HC-AVH
FAE44691 44691/552 NA 1953 ?-?

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