Tahiti, French Polynesia Destinations

Tahiti, French Polynesia Destinations

If you are searching for a unique tourist destination, then your search ends with Tahiti, the largest island of French Polynesia.  The island boasts about a large number of historic monuments, beautiful gardens, rich flora and fauna, temple ruins, museums and beaches.  These things are enough to mark Tahiti in bold letters by any tourist in his dictionary. Besides the above said ‘must-see’ places in Tahiti, the best thing about the island is the awesome climate.

Tahiti Geography
Tahiti Location Pacific Ocean
Tahiti Archipelago Society Islands
Tahiti Major Islands tahiti
Tahiti Area 1,045 km2 (403.5 sq mi)
Tahiti Highest Elevation 2,241 m (7,352 ft)
Tahiti Highest Point Mont Orohena
Tahiti Country
Tahiti Overseas Collectivity  French Polynesia
Tahiti Largest City Papeete (pop. 131,695 urban)
Tahiti Demographics
Tahiti Population 178,133 (as of August 2007 census)
Tahiti Density 170 /km2 (440 /sq mi)

Where is Tahiti located?

Tahiti, which is the highest and largest island in French Polynesia (France), is located 4,400 km south of Hawaii, 7,900 km from Chile and 5,700 km from Australia. The island is believed to be formed out of volcanic eruption ages ago. The highest peak in Tahiti is Mount Orehena—2,241 meters tall.

Tahiti Climate

The wet season runs from November to April while the rest of the years the climate remains to be cool.

Average temperature ranges between 21 degree Celsius and 31 degree Celsius.

Flora and Fauna, Tahiti

There is a rich flora and fauna in French Polynesia. They include, Baungainvilla, Camellia, frangipani, ginger, orchids, poinsettia, pitate and jasmine. The national flower of Tahiti is Tiare Tahiti, a white flower usually with nine petals.   There are a variety of birds found in French Polynesia. Listening to birds chirping is undoubtedly a splendid feeling that any traveler would long to.

Tahiti Festivals

French Polynesia is famous for n number of festivals. And in Tahiti there are two important festivals. The first one being Heiva i Tahiti, which is celebrated during June and July (starts from the end of June). People dance, take part in processions besides party and feast to the core during the festival. A large number of tourists show keen interest to visit Tahiti during Heiva i Tahiti. The other important festival, which is celebrated in April, is Maohi Festival. Unique and funny games are played during this festival. Coconut tree climbing, racing with fruits on the heads, and javelin throw are a few among them.

How to Get There?

There are number of airlines such as Air France, Air New Zealand, Air Tahiti Niu, Hawaii Airlines, Lan Chile Airlines, and Qantas Airlines, which run their flights to Tahiti. Apart from this yachts leave for Tahiti from Hawaii mostly during April and May.

What are the Documents that are Required to Reach Tahiti?

Holding a passport is a must for everyone wishing to visit Tahiti. However, French citizens need not have a passport to enter French Polynesia.  Citizens of US, Canada, New Zealand and Japan can stay in Tahiti for a month without a visa whereas citizens of Norway, Switzerland, European Countries and Australia can stay up to three months without a visa. People hailing from other countries who are wishing to visit Tahiti are required to apply for a visa, which is usually given without any delay. One can apply for a visa at French Diplomatic Mission.

Getting Around:

There are local buses to all important spots and beaches in Tahiti. One can also hire a taxi, but is not advisable with fares being too high.