Stockton Attractions

  • Stockton was incorporated by the local government of New Jersey in United States.
  • Stockton is the tourist attraction for its small and tiny location which is not developed and reminds of the ancient culture and architect.
  • Stockton is known for its Stockton Inn which was established in 1710.
  • It was initially started as a private residence and now has converted into a commercial place that offers the tourist with all recreational facilities.
  • But after sometime Stockton Inn was shut down and its place was taken over by Delaware River Mill Society which is a private non- profit organization.
Aim to visit
  • The mission of this society is to provide a segment of our past and reminds us of a place of today's community.
  • This place has now become the place of cultural and environmental events that attracts active participation from tourist.
Tourist’s Attraction
  • Stockton is the best place for those tourists who love games like indoor soccer, hockey and arena football.
  • One can watch these matches with lots of excitement and enthusiasm in Stockton thunder, the California Cougars and the Stockton Lightning.
  • Stockton is also known for its Bob Hope Theatre. Bob Hope Theatre is located in Stockton Area where all the theatre lovers are welcomed.
  • One can find varieties and series of Classic Cinema, headline performers like Bill Maher and Pepe Aguilar and Improve Comedy.
Kid’s attraction
  • Then one can go for the fantastic amusement parks Pixie Woods Amusement Park located at Louis Park in Stockton.
  • If you’re with your kids then this is a must place to stop to give a smile on their face. This place offers you with plenty of rides like merry–go–round; one can also catch the show in Toadstool Theater.
Historical Places
  • After that how one can forget the ancient equipments of this tourist place.
  • You have a beautiful and well organized museum that depicts the art and the culture of this place.
  • The Haggin Musuem is the place of art collection of Stockton.
  • One should go to study and understand the history, lifestyle, art and culture of Stockton.
Leisure corner
  • And before leaving this place how one can forget to visit San Joaquin County Fairground. This is the best play ground where one can enjoy their fullest - a place to rest, relax, enjoy and entertain them.
  • This is a place where horse-racing, entertainment programs, carnivals takes place especially in the month of June.
  • June is the month when most of the tourists are attracted in this fairground.

    So what are you waiting for? Come out of your busy schedule and just live for yourself for few days.