Star Clipper Cruise Line

Overview of Star Clipper Cruise Line

The “Star Clipper Cruise Line” offers a package for  7 days in the  Mediterranean, Caribbean,  and Far East itineraries. It one of the largest,fastest clipper ships ever constructed - at costs competitive to (and often below) traditional cruise ships.

History of Star Clipper Cruise Line

Both Star Flyer and Star Clipper are coupled with 36,000 square feet of sail from four flagpoles, with a diesel engine in reserve for maneuvering in port; the cruise line affirms that their 226-foot flagpoles are the world's tallest masts. With 56,000 sq. feet of sails and flagpoles reaching 197 feet, Royal Clipper, which incorporated the fleet in mid-2002. The fleet's first balcony cabins carries 227 passengers along with 106 crew members. It has a health club, spa and a three-deck courtyard circular staircase.

What Star Clipper Cruise Line Offers

These ships provide a real sailing experience and an opportunity to know fellow passengers from many soils and of varied ages. Those looking for glitzy entertainment or fervid nightlife, guest lecturers, elevator or a casino will have no such facility. Star Clippers' perception of entertainment is a crew fashion show encompassing T-shirts and shorts.

Who Can Enjoy in Star Clipper Cruise Line

Star Clippers are ideal for those who love sailing. No celebrity chefs are on board of  the line's conventional menu, there's rarely any room service because of the restrictions on the number of crew.

Other Features of Star Clipper Cruise Line

The ships mostly bypass the mass-tourism ports, anchors at Cabrits in Dominca, rather than at Rouseau. The routes are pre-planned but when it comes to virtual arrival and departure times, the Captain reads the impulse of the winds.

In Caribbean or Europe, most of the passengers mostly come from groups conducted by a few travel agents, so there may be a group with Scots on board along with some Germans and Americans from Detroit.

Is it a Family Voyage

In these ships there are no children's facilities, but you can spot a few kids of 6 and older aboard many sailings, mostly enjoying themselves, particularly if the patents have had the foresight and financial resources to encourage them to invite a companion.

The cruise line charges $8 per person per night, $3 for the cabin steward and $5 for the waiter. You may sail a trip either with cash or by having the specified fund charged to your shipboard account. A 15 percent gratuity is incorporated instantly at the bar just like on majority of ships lacking sails.