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Officially known as the Kingdom of Spain, Spain is a member of the United Nations, European Nations, NATO, OCED and WTO. Spain is located in the southwest Europe with Madrid as the capital city. The 28th largest country in terms of population, houses 46 million people. It is encircled by Mediterranean Sea to the south, France to the north and to the northwest and west by the Atlantic Ocean. Spain is spread over an area of 504,030 km square. It lies between the latitudes 26 degree and 44 degree north and longitudes 19 degree west and 5 degree east.

Spain Islands:

The following are the island in Spain with their population.

  •  Tenerife (899,833)
  •  Mallorca (862,397)
  •  Gran Canaria (838,397)
  •  Lanzarote (141,938)
  •  Ibiza (125,053)
  •  Fuerteventura (103,107)
  •  Menorca (92,434)
  •  La Palma (85,933)
  •  La Gomera (22,259)
  •  El Hierro (10,558)
  •  Formentera (7,957)
  •  Arosa (4,889)
  •  La Graciosa (658)
  • Tabarca (105)
  • Ons (61)

Spain People

Spain has attracted a large number of immigrants from several Sub-Saharan and Caribbean countries. Spain also has Asian, Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Middle Eastern and South Asian immigrants. The official language of Spain is Spanish, while Euskera, Basque, Galician and Catalan are also spoken in other parts of the country.

There are three main climatic zones in Spain which can be divided into Mediterranean, Semiarid and the Oceanic climate.

Spain Flora

Spain has a wide variety of natural vegetation with 8,000 species. Trees of oak, chestnut, elm, beech, poplar and varieties of pine can be seen. Pine, juniper and other evergreens dominate in the dry southern region.

Spain Fauna:

The fauna in Spain can be grouped into Canaries because the animal life in Spain is limited by the pressure of population.

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