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Southwest Airlines Information:

Southwest Airlines Information
Southwest Airlines Information For Founded 1971
Southwest Airlines Information For Focus cities
  • McCarran International Airport
  • Chicago Midway International Airport
  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
  • Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport
  • William P. Hobby Airport
  • Dallas Love Field
  • Oakland International Airport
  • Los Angeles International Airport
  • Orlando International Airport
  • Philadelphia International Airport
  • San Diego International Airport
  • Tampa International Airport
  • Nashville International Airport
  • Denver International Airport
Southwest Airlines Frequent flyer program Rapid Rewards
Southwest Airlines Information For Fleet size 540
Southwest Airlines Info For Destinations 65
Southwest Airlines Company slogan A Symbol of Freedom / You Are Now Free to Move About The Country
Southwest Airlines Headquarters Dallas, Texas, United States
Southwest Airlines Information For Key people Gary C. Kelly (Chairman, CEO and President)
Herb Kelleher (Co-Founder)
Laura Wright (CFO)
Colleen Barrett (Ex-President)

Southwest Airlines Career:

  • Southwest Airlines Career For CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT - REQ. 10033 | Washington, DC
  • Southwest Airlines Career For RAMP AGENT - REQ. 11432 | Baltimore, MD
  • Southwest Airlines Career For CORPORATE FACILITIES INTERN - SUMMER 2009 - DEADLINE 03/01/09 | Dallas, TX
  • Southwest Airlines Career For ENERAL COUNSEL INTERN - SUMMER 2009 - DEADLINE 02/27/09 | Dallas, TX
  • Southwest Airlines Career For OPERATIONAL SAFETY INTERN - SUMMER 2009 - DEADLINE 02/25/09 | Dallas, TX

Southwest Airlines Career By State:

  • Southwest Airlines Career in Dist. of Columbia
  • Southwest Airlines Career in Texas
  • Southwest Airlines Career in Maryland

Southwest Airlines Career By Category:

  • Southwest Airlines Career By Category Airport Positions
  • Southwest Airlines Career By Category Internships

Southwest Airlines History:

A southwest airline was established in 15th March, 1967 by Rollin King and Herb Kelleher. The main aim is provide the services to three cities in Texas as Air Southwest. According to one of the history, rolling king explained the concept to herb Kelleher at the time of dinner. This concept explained on a paper a triangle symbolizing the routes between Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Southwest airlines got faced so many problems when it’s established time. These problems came from Braniff, Trans-Texas, and Continental Airlines. Three years later Supreme Court gave permission to fly in Texas. The decision finally taken on December 7th, 1970.

The story of the southwest fight is turned into a children’s book, Gumwrappers and Goggles by Winifred Barnum in 1983. This book sponsor was southwest airlines only. Herb Kelleher extend this airline to Pacific southwest airlines. He took the ideas from other airlines to form corporate culture at southwest. They recruit the employees like long legs and short nights as a hostess. Herb Kelleher select a committee to recruit the employees. This committee recruits the employees uniquely mean, long-legged dancers, majorettes, and cheerleaders with unique personalities.

The southwest airlines provide the first profit sharing plan in the United States of America in 1973. This is plan is first time to introduced in airlines industries. This plans meaning is, employees own about 10 percent of the company stock. 87 percentage was belongs union. The union name is airlines pilots association. For this association pilot is a representative.

Southwest Airlines First Flight Information: 

In the year of 1971, change the name from air southwest to southwest airlines. The first flight was take off from the airport was on 18th June, 1971. The first flight was traveled between Love Field in Dallas to Houston and San Antonio. Good service, fare structure, features that became popular airlines in United States of America. The southwest airlines growth is good in the coming years.

First flight of the southwest airlines was 737-200 aircraft. It was landed in the year of 1971 June. Another one is added in September month of the same year. But maximum southwest airlines uses Boeing 737 family aircrafts only why because to control the costs. This is one of the techniques to maintenance.

Southwest Airlines Top Ten Airports:

City Daily departures Number of gates Nonstop cities served Service established
Las Vegas 244 21 55 1982
Chicago-Midway 224 29 47 1985
Phoenix 184 24 42 1982
Baltimore/Washington 162 26 38 1993
Houston-Hobby 144 17 29 1972
Dallas-Love Field 140 14 16 1971
Oakland 125 13 20 1989
Los Angeles (LAX) 127 11 18 1982
Denver 115 10 33 2006
Orlando 112 14 33 1996


Southwest Airlines New Services:

Southwest airlines committee announced that it provide the services to Disney's Magical Express program in Orlando, Florida. This is effects from March 8th, 2009.
Southwest Airlines main new services are:

  1. Regular services between Phoenix, Arizona (PHX) and Birmingham, AL (BHM).
  2. Regular services between Chicago Midway, Illinois (MDW) and Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota (MSP).
  3. Regular services between San Francisco, California (SFO) and Orange County, California (SNA).
  4. Regular services between Denver, Colorado (DEN) and Tucson, Arizona (TUS).
  5. Regular services between Nashville, Tennessee (BNA) and Oakland, California (OAK).
  6. Regular services between Nashville, Tennessee (BNA) and Seattle, WA (SEA).

Southwest Airlines discontinued services:

  • Albuquerque, NM (ABQ) and Amarillo,TX (AMA).
  • Albuquerque, NM (ABQ) and Tampa Bay,FL (TPA).
  • Long Island, NY (ISP) and Ft. Myers, FL (RSW).

Southwest Airlines Current Fleet:

Aircraft Total Passengers
Routes Notes
Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-300 185 137 Short-medium haul Launch customer
90 will be fitted with blended winglets
Largest operator of the Boeing 737-300
Down from a high of 194
Boeing 737-500 25 122 Short haul Launch customer
Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 329
(128 orders
67 options
54 rights)
137 All routes Launch customer
Deliveries: 2008-2015
All fitted with blended winglets
Largest operator of the Boeing 737-700

Southwest Airlines Retired Fleet:

Aircraft Year of Retired Replacement Notes
Boeing 737-200 2005 Boeing 737-700 Southwest's first aircraft type

Southwest Airlines Effect and Codeshare Agreements:

Southwest airlines developed for offers low cost tickets to the travelers. With this technique it earns less profit. But the airlines name got good name in all airlines organizations. When a southwest airline enters in to market with low fare automatically the market changes itself.

It done the agreement with Europe's easy Jet and Ryan air are two of the best famous  airlines, these airlines follow Southwest's business strategy in that continent. And also followed these strategies in Canada's West Jet, Malaysia's Air Asia, Qantas's Jet star, Thailand's Nok Air and Mexico's Volaris.

Some of the airlines are followed these code share strategies they are:

  1. Morris Air
  2. Muse Air
  3. Iceland air
  4. ATA Airlines
  5. West Jet Airlines
  6. Volaris

Southwest Airlines Phone Numbers:

Reservations and Information (available 24 hours) 1-800-I-FLY-SWA® (1-800-435-9792)
Reservations and Information - En Español 1-800-VAMONOS™ (1-800-826-6667)
Southwest Airlines Phone Number For Teletypewriter (TTY) 1-800-533-1305
Southwest Airlines Number For Automated Flight Information 1-888-SWA-TRIP (1-888-792-8747)


Baggage - General Questions 1-800-I-FLY-SWA® (1-800-435-9792)
Baggage - Delayed/Damaged status 1-888-202-1024
Baggage - Items Left at the Airport or Onboard an Aircraft 1-800-I-FLY-SWA® (1-800-435-9792)
Articles left at TSA Checkpoint 1-866-289-9673 or


Customer Relations 214-792-4223 Mon - Fri, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm CT
Southwest Airlines Phone Number For Cargo 1-800-533-1222
Southwest Airlines Phone Number For Charitable Giving 214-792-1300
Southwest Airlines Phone Number For Cruise 1-888-SHIP-SWA (1-888-744-7792)
Southwest Airlines Phone Number For Group Travel 1-800-433-5368 Mon - Fri, 8:00 am - 6:30 pm CT
Southwest Airlines Phone Number For Investor Relations 214-792-4415
Public Relations/Media Relations 214-792-4847
Rapid Rewards Customer Service 1-800-445-5764
Southwest Airlines Vacations 1-800-423-5683

Southwest Airlines Contact With Write:

Southwest Airlines
P.O. Box 36647 - 1CR Dallas,
Texas 75235-1647.

Southwest Airlines Baggage Tips:

  • Make sure your luggage is in good, sturdy condition. Zippers, clips, handles, joints, and seams should be in good repair. Be sure any luggage you intend to check closes securely.
  • Due to the security problems, securities people will check the baggage at Transportation Security Administration (TSA). TSA has suggested that luggage must be locked. Prepare a list by yourself about the items what you have packed and that items estimated cost. Then keep this list with you for further verifications.
  • 3.A southwest airline is not responsible for loss or damage to money, jewelry, and another items.
  • Money, jewelry, computers and other electronic equipment, fragile or perishable items, liquids, precious gems and metals, negotiable papers, business or personal documents,items intended for resale; paintings, and other works of art, antiques, unique or irreplaceable items, heirlooms; experimental, and scholastic items and similar valuables contained in checked luggage or unchecked bags. These items are will not be allowed in to or as luggage on commercial airline flights.
  • Don’t forget to write your name and address on the baggage in and out of the baggage. Paste paper with above information inside as well as out side of the baggage.
  • If your are baggage is not checked by southwest airlines, go to southwest airlines TSA before half an hour prior to departure in most airports.
  • TSA allowed items are medicines, carryon luggage, and expensive jewelry should be carried onboard only
  • If your items are missed or damaged, report on this issue before leaving the airport. With this you can receive your claim within 4 hours.

Unaccompanied Minor (UM) Children:

  1. Children’s must be at least five years of age and no older than eleven years of age.
  2. Children under the age of five must be accompanied with at least twelve years old people in the journey.
  3. Minors must confirm the reservation. And the journey must be non stop.
  4. Proof of the child’s age and identity may be required.
  5. Children 12 years of age and older are considered young adults and travel under the same terms and conditions as do older adult passengers.

Southwest Airlines Slogan:

  1. The first slogan of the southwest airlines is "Just Plane Smart".
  2. The popular slogan is "The Somebody Else Up There Who Loves You".
  3. The famous slogan is "The Low Fare Airline".
  4. The present slogan is "A Symbol of Freedom" .