South Ossetia Maps

South Ossetia is a part of Georgia, situated in Shida Kartli. It is mostly unrecognized state, which is only recognized by Russia, Venezuela, Abkhazia, Nicaragua and Nauru.
Tskhinvali is the capital of this region and is also recognized as the largest city in the region. Majority of South Ossetia's population has migrated there to escape from the disturbance and it has been proven to be safer than South Ossetia, although not completely safe. Three is a conflict between Georgia and South Ossetia since the early 90's.

Ossetian cuisine is delicious, significantly different from the cuisine of Georgia. Some of the delicacies include Ossetian pie, a dish as khachapuri, with meat and mushrooms not with the cheese.


The mountains mostly determines South Ossetia’s climate. It is guarded against the cold northern breezes by the Main Caucasus Range, which leads to the fact that even at immense heights it is warmer compared to the Northern Caucasus.

River and Lakes

There are several mountain rivers found on the land of South Ossetia. Most of it belongs to the Kura Basin, the rest of it to Black Sea basin. Lihsky and Rachinsky ridges act as divider separating the basins of these seas. Some more prominent rivers include Kura, Ksani, Medzhuda, Malaya Liahva, Tlidon, Canal Saltanis, Ptsa, Rioni River and host of other tributaries.

Flora and Fauna

South Ossetia's natural resources are distinctive due to its special splendor. Its flora and fauna has been created specially to soothe the eyes. It is difficult to forget, even having witnessed them just once. The harmonious oak-groves, the sub-Alpine, Alpine meadows, evergreen shrubbery, and other representatives of the animal kingdom are all amazing. The typical of the mountain landscape includes roe, stone marten, forest, boar, Caucasian pheasant, grosbeak, dormouse, and Alpine daw. In the higher mountains, quite often the beautiful light chamois and Caucasian goats are seen.

Highest Peak

The South Ossetia is extensively mountainous and most of the region is found over 1,000 m above sea level. The highest point of this region is the Mount Khalatsa, which stretches as tall as 3,938 m above the sea level.  The economy is generally agricultural; nonetheless less than 10% of South Ossetia's landscape is cultivated.

south ossetia map
Map of South Ossetia