South Dakota Things To Do

South Dakota Things To Do

South Dakota, a beautiful place in the Midwestern part of the United States and has three main geographic regions; the eastern and the western South Dakota and the Black Hills.  The climate in South Dakota is continental type with four distinct seasons with hot summers and freezing winters. This beautiful state of the United States gives a lot of attractions for the people from around the world which forces them to come back to the place year after year. And here are some attractions and things to do in the state of South Dakota.

Crazy Horse Memorial

The Crazy Horse Memorial in the Western South Dakota is the World Largest sculpture in evolution and a must visit in the place. The mountain carving and sculpturing which started back in 1948 to honour the North American Indian tradition is named after a leader of the Ogala Lakota tribe called Crazy Horse who ruled in the Black Hills. The Crazy Horse has a number of things related to it which can make the day for the visitors to the beautiful hill sculpture; The Museum, the Cultural Centre, an Orientation Centre and two theatres make up the attraction offered the place besides the mesmerising Hill Carving.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

The Sculptor on the Mount Rushmore which features the face of four glorious American President; George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln is one of the greatest mountain carving showing 60 foot high faces of the celebrities.  This grand sculpture is a must see at the South Dakota Black Hills and is also one of the most famous tourist spot of the place.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial Location Pennington County, South Dakota, U.S.
Mount Rushmore National Memorial Nearest City Keystone, South Dakota
Mount Rushmore National Memorial Coordinates 43°52′44.21″N 103°27′35.37″W
Mount Rushmore National Memorial Area 1,278.45 acres (5.17 km2)
Mount Rushmore National Memorial Established March 3, 1925
Mount Rushmore National Memorial Visitors 14,757,971 (in 2010)
Mount Rushmore National Memorial Governing Body National Park Service

Corn Palace

The Corn Palace in the Southeast region of South Dakota is one of the beautiful places to visit. You can take a stroll through the beautiful and brightly painted palace or the multipurpose arena which is visited by over Five hundred thousand people in a year. The wooden structure is decorated with corn mural and stuffs that shows off the rich soil heritage of the state. The corn palace is decorated each year and it gets a different theme every year to show off the beauty in the land of South Dakota.

Corn Palace Type multi-purpose arena / facility
Corn Palace Location 604 North Main Street, Mitchell, South Dakota, USA
Corn Palace Coordinates 43.714644°N 98.026019°W
Corn Palace Completed 1921 (dome and minarets added in 1937)
Corn Palace Antenna Spire 26.2 m (86 ft) (flagpole)
Corn Palace Roof 20.7 m (68 ft) (dome)
Corn Palace Floor Count 2
Corn Palace Floor Area 4,042.2 m2 (43,510 sq ft)
Corn Palace Architect Rapp & Rapp

Missouri River

You can also enjoy a beauty of nature and a good drive in the Missouri River which runs right through the heart of South Dakota. Hiking, biking and camping can be enjoyed along the coast of the beautiful river and can also get pleasure from the recreational ventures along it. Visitors also stopover the river to have a lively and fun filled day; kayaking, fishing or skiing along it.

Country United States
States Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri
Region Great Plains
Part of Mississippi River watershed
 - left Jefferson River, Sun River, Marias River, Milk River, James River, Big Sioux River, Grand River, Chariton River
 - right Madison River, Gallatin River, Yellowstone River, Little Missouri River, Cheyenne River, White River, Niobrara River, Platte River, Kansas River, Osage River, Gasconade River
Cities Great Falls, MT, Bismarck, ND, Sioux City, IA, Omaha, NE, Kansas City, KS/Kansas City, MO, St. Louis, MO
Primary Source Brower's Spring-Hell Roaring Creek-Red Rock River-Beaverhead River-Jefferson River
 - location Centennial Mountains, Beaverhead County, Montana
 - elevation 9,030 ft (2,752 m)
 - coordinates 41°49′33″N 113°43′22″W
Secondary Source Firehole River-Madison River
 - location Near Madison Junction, Yellowstone National Park,
Teton County, Wyoming
 - elevation 8,215 ft (2,504 m)
 - coordinates 44°20′37″N 110°52′43″W
Source Confluence Missouri Headwaters State Park
 - location Three Forks, Southwestern Montana
 - elevation 4,042 ft (1,232 m)
 - coordinates 45°55′39″N 111°20′39″W
Mouth Mississippi River
 - location St. Charles County / St. Louis County, near St. Louis, Missouri
 - elevation 404 ft (123 m)
 - coordinates 38°48′49″N 90°07′11″W
Length 2,341 mi (3,767 km), Northwest-southeast
Basin 529,350 sq mi (1,371,010 km²)
Discharge for Hermann, MO; river mile 97.9 (river kilometer 157.6)
 - average 86,340 cu ft/s (2,445 m3/s)
 - max 712,200 cu ft/s (20,167 m3/s)
 - min 602 cu ft/s (17 m3/s)

Dinosaurs Park

Wanna get back to past, into the Jurassic era, the Dinosaur Park at the hilltop is just the place. The dinosaurs sculptured back in the 30's with iron pipe frame might not look like the exact dinosaur we have an idea of, but is sculptured in green and as a cartoony figure. The park with a free entry for all has five dinosaurs that have been painted and maintained over the years as good as new. Visit the park and have five giant sculptures built 70 years ago and climb on them or have a snap taken with them.

Dinosaurs Park Location: Rapid City, South Dakota, United States
Dinosaurs Park Coordinates: 44°4′42.34″N 103°14′52.76″W
Dinosaurs Park Built: May 22, 1936
Dinosaurs Park Architect: Emmet Sullivan
Dinosaurs Park Added to NRHP: June 21, 1990
Dinosaurs Park NRHP Reference#: 90000956