South Carolina Things To Do

South Carolina Things To Do


South Carolina Things to Do

South Carolina is a part of the Carolina province. It is surrounded by Georgia and North Carolina. It is on the east coast of the United States of America having 13 colonies in all when the British left America. There are many tourists attraction which you can check out in the state. The state is filled with various museums, theme parks, wildlife parks etc. if you are planning to prepare an itinerary to visit this state. One has to go with an open mind and expect to get absorbed in the culture of the state.

Things to Do in South Carolina    

Vacations are not just to relax but also to do some recreational activities. You can learn a lot about the culture and lifestyles of various different states. To see the versatility in culture you should go to South Carolina. The various old architectures and the colonies formed by the British give you a nostalgic feeling about the state. Here are some things which you can do when in South Carolina.

Alligator Adventure

This is the world’s largest reptile park. The park has a unique showcase of all the reptiles which are there in the world. The park is spread across 20 acres of wet land habitat. Some of the star showcases in the park are the white Albino alligator, dwarf crocodiles, giant snakes and many other reptiles. You also have very informative live demonstrational shows which are a good education to your children.

Pavilion Nostalgia Park

This amusement park will be enjoyed by your children to unending levels. The rides which are present in the amusement parks are all the classic collections of the old times. Herschell-Spillman Carousel is the most famous ride which is in the park. Some of the other rides which you can entertain your children with are Wave Rider, Roller-Coaster and many more. A German band also will play in this park. The park is designed completely like the olden times which give you a nostalgic feeing all the time you spend there.

Alabama Theater

The theatre hosts some award winning shows. At this venue you are going to witness some of the best choreography, mind boggling dance and rumbling comedy. You name it and you have it in this theater. The costumes are glitzy, the air around is filled with a sense of positivity. It is a must watch place in South Carolina.

Broadway at the Beach

This place features more than a handful of attractions. There is a 23- acre freshwater lake right in the middle of the lake which is used for fishing and boating. There are special shops for you to buy some of the most ethnic merchandise of the state. The mood at the Broadway at the Beach cannot be described in words. One should experience the festive mood of the place and get entertained to the core.

Ripley’s Aquarium

If you are interested in knowing whats under the sea? Ripley’s Aquarium is the place to go. The world’s largest underwater tunnel is a gliding path which goes under the sea. There are 11ft sharks and many other colorful fishes which are very beautiful to look at. The flora and fauna under the water is the best to watch live. The natural habitat of the animals under the sea is the best to see.