Somalia Maps

Geographical Location

Somalia is having Djibouti to the northwest, to the southwest is Kenya, Yemen at the north, the Ethiopia to the west and the Indian Ocean to the east. It is located at the origin of the Babel Mandeb mouth to the Suez Canal and Red Sea.

Somalia is blessed with the longest coastline in the continent, along with a seaboard that expands 3,025 kilometers. Its terrain comprises of plain, plateaus, and high landscapes. Somalia's boundaries stretch to nearly 2,366 kilometers. Its maritime boundaries include territorial waters of around 370 km.


Unlike the climates of majority of other countries located at this latitude, Somalia stretch from arid in the north and central regions to semiarid in the northern west and south regions. The annual rainfall is nearly 6-8 inches on an average.  It may vary in different parts of the country.

The four major seasons include - December to March is termed as Jilal, which is the driest season of the year. The rainy season, which is referred as the Gu, stretches from April to June. From July till September is the next dry season, called Xagaa. The Dayr, is the shortest rainy season, which starts from October and last till December.

River and Lakes

Southwestern Somalia is having country's only two major rivers, the Shabeelle and Jubba. Having their sources in the Ethiopian highlands, these two rivers pass through southerly region, creating huge valleys in the Somali Plateau as it flows toward the sea.

Flora and Fauna

Acacia thorn trees, candelabra, aloes, incense trees and baobab are found in the semiarid regions. Papaya, kapok and mangrove are found along the rivers. Pine, coconut, dune palm, cactus, juniper, and flowering trees like the flamboyant are mostly found in the populated areas.

Animal population includes the lion, wildcat, elephant, giraffe, hippopotamus, gazelle, zebra, hyena, waterbuck, lizard, turtle, crocodile, boar and baboon. There is wide variety of snakes, of which puff adder, the krait and the spitting cobra are a few. Domestic animals include goats, camels, and cattle. The common birds include duck, ostrich, bustard, guinea fowl, partridge, heron, green pigeon, and sand grouse.

Highest Mountain Peak

Mount Shimbiris is the tallest peak found in Somalia. It is situated at an altitude of 2,460 meters above the sea level and it is located in the Cal Madow range of mountain in northern part of the country in Sangaan location.

somalia map
Map of Somalia