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Slovakia is located in the northern moderate climatic zone, and enjoys four seasons. The Slovak region is remembered for its mountainous landscape having the Carpathian Mountains stretching along majority of the northern area of the country.

Every season (Autum, Spring, Summer, Winter) stretches for three months. The dry air brings in the summer waves and winter frosts. On the contrary, oceanic breeze brings rainfalls and cuts down summer heat.  

Spring begins from the 21st of March and is coupled with colder weather having regular temperature of 9 °C in the initial days and nearly 14 °C during May and 17 °C in the month of June. In Slovakia, the climate in the spring time is quite unpredictable. Summer begins on 22nd June which is known for its hot waves with temperatures crossing 30 °C. July is the hottest month with temperatures between 37-40 °C. Autumn starts with 23rd September and generally known for its wet wind. The temperature in September is nearly 14 °C and in the month of November it drops to 3 °C. Winter begins on 21st December having temperatures nearly 5-10 °C. In December and January months are generally snowing, which are the chilliest months of the year.

Slovakia Rivers and Lakes

Slovak river runs down to the Black and Baltic Sea waters. Tisza River starts from the East, and from the west is Morava River. Other Slovak rivers include Nitra, Hron, Orava, Little Danube, Hornad, Bodrog, Ondava, Slana, and Latorica.  Slovakian biggest river is the Vah River. It flows from north of Slovakia to the south of the region where it fuse with the Danube River.

In addition to rivers, there are many lakes and dams found all through the Slovakia. Almost 183 mountain lakes are created by glacier only in the High Tatras region. Velke Hincovo Pleso is believed to be the largest and deepest lake in Slovakia. It is 0.2 sq km large and 53 m deep.

Flora & Fauna

Over one-third of the landscape is covered with forest. Some steppe grassland regions are found in Slovakia. Fauna found in the Slovakia include wild pig, fox, and rabbits. A diverse variety of birds are found in the valleys of Slovakia. It may include carp, trout, and pike are found here in the rivers, and lakes.

Highest Peak

Gerlachovsky stit is considered to be the highest peak which is located in the High Tatras Mountains. It is 2655 m tall.

slovakia map
Map of Slovakia