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Sierra Leone, which is located on the West Africa in Atlantic Ocean, is almost half of the Illinois in terms of size. Its neighbors are Guinea in the north and Liberia in the south. The eastern part of the Sierra Leone is full of mountains. 

The Bulom population is the inhabitants of Sierra Leone. The Portuguese initially explored this land and coined Sierra Leone, its name. The meaning of this name is “lion mountains.” In the year 1808 the coastal part transformed into a British colony, and in the year 1896 a British territory was announced over the hinterland.


The temperatures along with the humidity are high, with heavy rainfall. The average temperature is about 27° C on the coastline and almost similar on the plateau. There are two seasons - the dry season, starting from November to April, and the humid and wet season, for the rest of the year. Rainfall is heavy along the coast, particularly in the mountains, which reaches 230 inches per annum.

Rivers and Lakes

Sewa River is the most significant stream in Sierra Leone, West Africa. The Sewa meets with Waanje River at 30 miles east-southeast of Bonthe and forms the Kittam, a dis-tributary that flows down to the Atlantic.

Lake Sonfon, also known as Lake Confon, is a fresh water lake situated in Diang. It is situated in the mountains of the Sula which is at an altitude of 1,801 feet above the sea level. The Lake manifests a depth of 8 m displaying an area of 8.2 km2, which is Sierra Leone's biggest inland lake.

Flora and Fauna

The fruit flower beautifies the flora and fauna of Sierra Leone. It is filled with several others adding shades and vibrancy, along with fragrance.
Other places of attraction in terms of flora and fauna are Lake Sofon situated in the Koinadugu district; the Mamunta-Mayaso National Park, Tiai Island in the south and Gola Forest Reserve.

Highest Peak

Loma Mountains, in northeastern Sierra Leone, stretches nearly 20 miles in north-south and west of the Niger River in the highlands of Guinea. This range rises abruptly on the savanna grasslands and granite plateau and it boasts of Mount Loma Mansa 6,391 feet, the highest peak of Sierra Leone. The ranges have been considered as a forest reserve. Multiple streams that feed the Bafi and Bagbe tributaries of the Sewa River originate in the mountains.

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Map of Sierra Leone