Shipping Personal Item Services

When moving from one place to another, in addition to the big items such as vehicles and appliances there are also personal items to be taken care of. And here again the shipping services come to your rescue. Personal items are very important and apart from the monetary value, they have a lot of sentimental value attached to them. Hence, one would want them to be shipped to their destination with great care. Here are a few tips on how one can achieve just that by using shipping personal items services.

Shipping Personal Items Tips

  1. There are many options for shipping personal items. Air, sea and land are some of the options. Transport by air is faster and most expensive, followed by sea which takes more time and is less expensive, and land that is again less expensive but can used only for domestic transfers.
  2. Getting the documentation work in place is one of the most important aspects of shipping personal items. The services provide all the documents for filling up. But it makes sense to have some basic knowledge. Most commonly involved documents are bill of landing which is a contract between the shipper and he carrier and a valued packing list that is a list of the inventory with description of the value for each item in the shipment.
  3. Options for shipping personal items are: Full container load (FCL) AND less than container load (LCL). One can choose between the two depending on the volume or load of the shipment. When you have lots of goods to be shipped, then go for the FCL; else LCL. FCL allots one single container only for your goods.
  4. Packaging your items that need to be shipped includes cargo to be boxed, palletized or crated. Palletized cargo means that your items will be stacked together and shrink-wrapped. This gives them highest protection from damage and theft.
  5. Delivery options include direct delivery to your doorstep or you can also collect them from the warehouse of the services office at the destination. The latter is cheaper and can be useful when you have arrived at the destination prior to the consignment.

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