Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Santorini - a Best Place to Spend Your Holiday!

When the pages of Greece tourism unfold, the important name that strikes anyone’s eyes is Santorini. Cool, happening and awesome, Santorini is a wonderful island, which finds its place in the list of must see places of an inveterate traveler.

Imagine a place with lush green trees sprawled across the plains with an awesome picturesque, the thought itself is amazing. There exists amidst the parts of the world the place, which is not just calm and cool, but something which brings into the mind about the picture of the heaven.  With royal and majestic buildings, it’s no exaggeration to say Santorini looks like heaven. In fact, it looks like nature’s beauty has made Santorini its home.

Santorini Coordinates: 36°25.2′N 25°25.9′E
Santorini Island Chain: Cyclades
Santorini Area: 73 km² (28 sq.mi.)
Santorini Government
Santorini Greece
Santorini Periphery: South Aegean
Santorini Prefecture: Cyclades
Santorini Capital: Fira
Santorini Statistics
Santorini Population: 13,402 (as of 2001)
Santorini Density: 184 /km² (475 /sq.mi.)
Santorini Postal code: 847 00, 847 02
Santorini Area code: 22860
Santorini License code: EM
Santorini Website

Geographical Location of Santorini

Santorini is believed to be the base of the volcano, whose top was blown off due to volcano eruption ages ago. The place lies towards the south of Greece.

Santorini Climate

The climate in Santorini is not pleasant during summer. However, the day temperature in July is around 30 degree Celsius during day time and 22 degree Celsius during nights.

Santorini Beaches:

If there is any best destination in Greece for beach lovers, then it has to be Santorini. With many beaches, Santorini is best place to spend a joyful holiday. The beaches in Santorini are completely different compared to other beaches in Greece given the fact the geographical location. The volcanic lumps that lay offshore and the steep clips give a good picturesque pleasure.

  • Red Beach: This is one of the busiest beaches of Santorini as it isn’t a big beach. The slabs of red and black volcanic rocks behind the beach are the reason behind many people getting attracted to the beach.  People coming here just can’t stop themselves in falling in love with Red Beach and Santorini. Notably, many people just stare at the beauty of the beach for hours together.  This beach adds charm to Santorini.
  • Perissa: This is another beach, which is very big, and is a popular summer destination. It is a long and a black sandy beach.  There are many resorts at this beach.
  • Kamari: Exactly opposite of Perissa lies the Kamari beach, which again has many resorts for tourists wishing to stay there. There is an enormous rock that rises from the sea, which adds extra beauty to the black sand beach.  The landscapes at the beach are awesome and are best viewed during night when the beach is illuminated with colourful lights.
  • Pervilos Santorini: It is barely three kilometers from Perissa. People who wish to have wine and dine in the beach; Pervilos Santorini is the best place. It has many beach bars and hotels besides resorts.


The beautiful villages in the Greek islands are in Santorini.  Most of the villages, which are situated on the edge of the island, give a beautiful sight of the sun rise.  Not to miss in the villages is the traditional architecture.  Oia, Fira, Messaria and Emporio are some of the important villages in Santorini. Do not forget to carry a camera with extra charged battery when you visit the villages of Santorini because you cannot just stop yourself from viewing the ancient structures through the camera lens.

How to reach Santorini?

By plane: You can reach Santorini in a plane via Athens. The beautiful city Athens is just 40 minutes away from Santorini. Nevertheless, you can hire a chartered flight if you have deep pockets as many European countries operate chartered flights to Santorini.

Road: You can hire a taxi or rent a care and drive to Santorini from Athens.

Sea: There are ferry boats operating between Athens and Santorini.

Santorini Accomodation:

There are a vast range of hotels in Santorini besides many resorts near the beaches. Not only luxurious hotels, but budget and economy hotels have also opened their doors to the visitors in Santorini. One can also book their accommodation through online.