Santa Barbara Attractions

  • Santa Barbara is known for its historical and cultural beauty.
  • This location is admired by any group of age groups.
  • This place is the best place for both families and individuals.
About the place
  • Santa Barbara was shaped and designed by Spanish that can be very well reflected in their architecture.
  • Not only the citizens of Santa Barbara but even tourists also keep this place neat clean.
Aim to visit
  • The aim of Santa Barbara is to make it the most beautiful and clean place and a source of entertainment for the tourists.
  • Apart from that they want to maintain this historical place.
  • This place continues to be the center of attraction for the tourist and also the place to perform all cultural and religious activity.
  • Tourists are also attracted because of the beautiful beaches which are maintained and are clean.
  • It’s the heart of Santa Barbara and also the source of entertainment.
  • There’re three beaches.
  • It also includes great restaurants, a museum, a skate park, a wharf and a harbor.
  • These are the places which shouldn’t be ever missed out once you visit there.
Santa Barbara zoo
  • Don’t miss this zoo as it is considered to be the nation’s best zoo.
  • This zoo is a must place to be visited by the entire family.
  • Initially, the zoo was a park, which used to be a picnic spot with open areas.
  • There are around 600animals in this zoo.
  • This structure is just 75years old but it gives the feel of 200year old Spanish Colonial.
  • The best view is to see from the top of the tower which gives the bets view of the near by location as well.
Santa Barbara museum of art:
  • One can find the excellent collection of Asian Art inside this museum.
  • Although, the museum is not big area wise but one can spend 90 minutes to view the entire museum.

El presidio state historic park:

  • El Presidio, one of the most historical buildings in Santa Barbara has been reconstructed keeping in mind the historical and archaeological evidence.
GPS coordinates
  • This is the place where you can find the latitude/longitude GPS coordinates of the selected Santa Barbara County destinations.
More Attractions
  • In Santa Barbara one can find many historical and archaeological buildings.
  • These locations are must see places and should never be missed out.
  • People from any age group are welcome in this city and it’s for sure that they will enjoy their visit in this city.