San Luis Obispo Attractions

Geographical location

  • San Luis Obispo is situated nearly halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles on the Central Coast.
  • Towards the south of Santa Barbara and north of Monterey and Santa Cruz sways people to stop and continue a magic charm.


Even the place boasts various reasons to tarry such as scenic coastline, the accessible, and enjoyable small towns clutch a wide diversity of things to see and do and enjoy.

Attractive spots

  • Towards the west, on the coast, Morro Bay provides an odd coincidence of man and nature.
  • The town landmark is of 576-foot Morro Rock which rises from the water opposed an unnamed power plant enhancing some remarkable smokestacks.
  • The waterfront part of the town is an almost Fisherman's Wharf-like assortment of tourist leaning eateries and commerce.
  • The border also boasts a handsome bird sanctuary harboring herons, egrets, pelicans, terns, loons, kingfishers, and cormorants, all it seems that ignoring the works of man.
  • Sea lions and otters share the sanctuary. We watched as an otter floating on its back dismembered a crab while fending off attacking gulls.
  • Tourists can also pamper themselves to saunter along the water on a cemented path bordering to the built-up arena.
  • Monarch butterflies congregate by the huge amount along the coast and perhaps the ideal place to view them is the length of Highway 1 at the south towards the end of Pismo Beach.
  • The natural groves possess the added benefit of propinquity to Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area.
  • The six-mile enlarge of travelable beach, is very appropriate for the family Turnpike Cruiser trip for enjoyment.
  • Elephant seals collect along the northern coast of the county.
  • The best places to view them are the vista points beside Highway 1, where people can sight the noisy, manner less giants.
  • The ideal vista point is 4.4 miles north of the Hearst Castle turnoff is also quite enchanting.
  • The plaza is located in the middle of the city of San Luis Obispo which is the part of a gorgeous downtown area created for walking.
  • Various historic edifices and an impressive array of superiority structural designs in a small area are found towards one short elongate of Monterey Street.

Natural Resources

Apart from this a attractive coast and extraordinary wildlife, San Luis Obispo's natural resources comprise a climate that nepotism wine grapes and mineral-laden natural springs with waters available at a numeral of spas.