Salt Lake City Travel


Salt Lake City is situated in an attractive location, in the valley beneath the Wasatch Mountains. The city is famous for being the major cultural and political capital of the State of Utah in the United States. Nevertheless, the city is the most densely populated of Utah and offers some wonderful sightseeing places for the tourists to engulf in its beauty. Every year a wide number of tourists from the entire world travel to Utah to enjoy the scenic monuments and the natural beauty that the City of Salt Lake has to offer. The city offers amusements for every age all year round.

Salt Lake City is visited both during the summers, for the extensive hiking, mountain climbing and biking that takes place around the Wasatch Mountains, as well as the winters during which skiing is done significantly by every age group. Apart from that, the city offers a variety of entertainment and recreational activities that are undoubtedly worth visiting for the travelers visiting the United States.

The Temple Square

This historical location, built in 1897, is one of the most visited places of the State of Utah. The temple is located just at the centre of the Salt Lake City and it offers several missionaries speaking numerous languages to help the tourists to guide around. The city has a rich history of being founded by the Mormons. The video presentations and exhibitions inside the temple provide the visitors with information on it. Visitors, who especially share an interest in history and culture, must not miss the visit to the Temple Square. However, the non-Mormons are not allowed to enter the temple.

Hoogle Zoo

These two destinations in the city are just the perfect escapade for the travelers who have an interest on wildlife. Hogle Zoo displays as much as 800 different species of animals, making it just the perfect place for a day off with your family. The place also offers a wonderful floating globe fountain in its one and a half acres long entrance, which is scattered with numerous souvenir shops, a train depot and event pavilions.

Tracy Aviary

Tracy Aviary is located on the Liberty Park, on a stretch of 7 acres of wood lands and is the oldest public aviaries of Salt Lake City. The tourists can view as many as 130 different species of birds only at this single aviary. Other special events include the free flying bird shows and feeding to the colorful parrots during the summers. It is a must visit destination especially for the family vacationers.

Solitude Resorts

If you have plans to spend some quality time during the winters, then the Solitude Resort in Salt Lake City is the best get away to enjoy some skiing during the holidays with your family. Situated in the serene location above the Big Cottonwood Canyon, the resort offers a wide range of activities apart from just skiing. Solitude resort had been built in the Bavarian style and consists of a wide range of accommodations for the travelers, such as luxurious condos that have wonderful settings and are tastefully furnished. Excellent dining options are also offered along with a famous watering hole known as the Thirsty Squirrel, gaming room, outdoor heated pool, hot tubs, puppet shows and screening of movies in large screens at the Club Solitude. Nevertheless, the resort is a wonderful spot for practicing various forms of activities such as ice skating, Nordic skating and snow boarding. Solitude resort is located 28 miles from the Salt Lake International Airport and is open everyday from 9am till 4 pm.

The Family History Library

This is the largest genealogical library in the world, containing millions of original records of the deceased people and has been one of the most visited places in Salt Lake City. It has been known that people from across the globe make a visit to this museum to find facts about their heritage from the records of the library. The library was opened in 1894 and has been under the church of Jesus-Christ and the Latter day saints, in order to keep records of the families of the church members. Today, the library occupies 142,000 square feet of space within the 5 storied building in the heart of the city. The library has in its collection 2.2 millions rolls of genealogical records in microfilms and about 300,000 books and 4,500 periodicals.