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Reunion, a French island having a population of almost 800,000, is located in the east of Madagascar, Indian Ocean, almost 200 kilometers south west of Mauritius, which is the closest island.

In terms of administration, Reunion is one of the overseas sections of France. Similar to other foreign departments, Reunion is part of the 27 regions of France and part and parcel of the Republic having the same status as that of others located on the mainland of Europe.

Reunion is an outskirt region of European Union and works as a foreign department of France.This island is 63 kilometers long; 45 kilometers broad and it covers 2,512 square kilometers. French is the official language of Reunion. Due to diverse culture, other languages like Hakka, Mandarin, and Cantonese are also spoken by the community members. English is considered to be the second language in this island. In some schools Tamil is also taught as an optional language.


The climate is humid and tropical in which high mountains play a great role. In the hot, rainy summer, which runs from December to March, the temperature on the coast is 27°C and the temperature of mountains goes down to 18°C. During winter, which is witnessed during April to November, on the coast the average temperature is 22°C and 11°C at higher zones. The cyclone period is generally observed between December and February.

Highest Peaks

The Piton Des Neiges volcano is at the highest point on the island which is at 10,070 feet above sea level. 

Flora and Fauna

The fauna and flora on this island is splendid and colorful. This island has number of palms, flowers and the population is known for their love for parks and gardens. Some of the most popular species are the Bourbon latanier palm, and wild orchids.

The local animals can be categorized into birds and turtles. Nonetheless, it has kept some of the original species, like elegant tropicbird, which is the national bird of the island, which are found in the cliffs close to the ocean; the “'Papangue'", a bird of prey found in the basins and ravines; or the Java deer, which flies in the medium altitude forests.

The ocean is also flooded with life. The reef “slope” offers a habitat for coral flora and fauna that offers divers a picturesque view of the ocean. After the reef is the reign of the large fish, some of which include the Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Common Dolphin fish, and Barracuda.

reunion Map
Map of Reunion