Railways are the most convenient and common mode of transport. Every single day, millions of people travel by train to different destinations. Today, railways have made a prominent place in terms of people commuting. It is no more like old days when railways didn’t have proper facilities for people.

As the population has grown over a period of time, the railway authorities have introduced many trains for the convenience of people. These trains travel from various destinations and cover thousands of kilometers every day. Trains are divided into different types according to their usage:-

Local train- These trains move from one station to another within the city. People who board the local trains usually are students and people going to offices.

Goods train- These are trains which carry goods that have to be exported or sent to various places. Usually coal, petroleum and locomotives are goods that are taken from one city to another or one state to another.
Passenger coaches- These are trains that take people from one place to another. It can be a far off destination which is from one state to another within the country or from one city to another. Most people prefer traveling by trains as the fare is low, it’s convenient and there are also many facilities that are provided.

Every country is known by its own railway like Indian railways and the British railways. The railways are divided into different zones like-

  • East Central
  • North Central
  • West Central
  • South Central

In every country, railway zones are divided for the convenience and to serve people better. Each railway zone is taken care by a responsible railway authority so as to provide the best service to customers who are traveling. Every year there is some up gradation in railways that is done to provide better facilities.  


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