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Premier Cruise Line

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Premier Cruise Line History

Premier Cruise Line was started in the year 1983 by two cruise veterans. It was later bought by Dial Corporation which also owned Greyhound Bus Company and was operated as its subsidiary. Premier cruise lines served as a family cruise lines offering holiday packages designed for families with kids. Premier Cruise Line was an instant hit with grandparents travelling with their grandchildren and children. In 1985, Premier Cruise Line partnered with Disney and was licensed to provide the company of Disney characters to onboard visitors. In 1993, Disney severed the partnership and Premier Cruise Line entered into partnership with Warner Brothers. Though profitable, by late 1990s, Premier Cruise Line started facing issues like law suits pertaining to lack of provisions for disabled, mechanical and fuel problems due to old vessels and other related difficulties. These problems gradually led to collapse of Premier Cruise Lines.

Premier Cruise Line Information

Former Type Cruise line
Industry Transportation
Fate Bankruptcy / Liquidation
Founded 1983
Defunct 2000
Headquarters Cape Canaveral, Florida
Products Cruises
Website (defunct)

Premier Cruise Line Destinations

The Premier Cruise Line used to organize three days and four days Bahamas Trip out of Port Canaveral, Florida. Being partnered with Disney, it also operated tour packages which offered stay in Orlando for Disney World and Universal Studios. Premier Cruise Line also had business partnership with European tour operators.

Premier Cruise Line Onboard

Premier Cruise Line had a fleet of loyal crew members with a dedication to serve the visitors. The cruise liner offered several onboarding entertainment, music and fun for passengers especially children.

Premier Cruise Line Things to Do

One can indulge in good food, music, fun and luxury stay while holidaying at Premier Cruise Line. It offered company of Disney characters from 1995 till 1993 and then Looney Tunes characters.
Food and Entertainment: The best part about Premier Cruise Line is that it offered fresh food and not frozen foods, unlike other cruise liners. It also offered excellent entertainment facilities to its visitors especially kids.