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Portugal or Portuguese Republic is a country situated in southwestern Europe. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the south and west; and by Spain to the north and east. The territory of Portugal contains an area in the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal lies between the latitudes 32 degree and 43 degree north, and 32 degree and 6 degree west.

Portugal is divided by Tagus, its main river that flows from Spain and pours out Tagus Estuary before escaping into the Atlantic.

Highest Peak in Portugal

Portugal’s highest peak is Mount Pico on the island Pico measuring 2,351m. Serra da Estrela, another peak and volcano is an important seasonal attraction for skiers and winter sports which stand 1,991m above the sea level.

Portugal Climate

Portugal is believed to have a Mediterranean climate being one of the warmest European countries. The annual temperature in Portugal varies from 13 degree Celsius to over 18 degrees. The average rainfall in Portugal varies 3,000mm to 300mm.


The protected areas of Portugal has 12 national parks, nine natural reserves, five natural monuments and seven protected landscapes which form the flora of Portugal. The flora includes pine, the chestnut, cork-oak, Holm oak, Portuguese oak and eucalyptus.


Fox, badger, lberian wolf, wild goat, wild cats, hare, weasel, polecat, chameleon, mongoose, civet, and brown bear are commonly seen in Portugal. Over 100 varieties of fish species, varying from the huge European catfish to the tiny endemic species can also be seen.

Portugal Maps

portugal climate map
Portugal Climate Map
portugal  political map
Portugal Political Map
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Portugal Railways Map
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Portugal Map Portugal Outline Map