Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio is the oldest bridge of Florence and is one of the best the world has ever imagined. The structure of the bridge can be described as three stones arches replaced with a wooden bridge which crosses the Arno River. The upper side of the bridge is well known as Vasariano Corridor which was specifically designed by Vasari in order to link it with Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery of the Pitti Palace. Today it has been converted to an art gallery.


The Bridge was first built in Roman times and later in 1117 after it was destroyed by the flood. And further again it was rebuilt in 1345 and a few artistic names were attributed to it.  Lots of shops and merchants displayed their goods on tables near the Bridge after the authorization of the Bargello. He was the mayor and a police authority of the town during those days. Later during the Second World War the Ponte Vecchio was destroyed by the Germans while their retreat plan in August 4, 1944. This was done because of an allegedly order by the Hitler. Access to Ponte Vecchio was obstructed since then.


Crosses Arno River
Locale Florence, Italy
Design closed-spandrel segmental stone arch bridge
Width 32 metres (105 ft)
Longest Span 30 metres (98 ft)
Coordinates 43°46′4.76″N 11°15′11.49″E


Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio Facts

Some of the interesting facts about Ponte Vecchio are as follows:

  1. It is one of the top 10 amazing bridges of the world.
  2. It was a wholly stone build bridge
  3. It is very famous for its lining of shops.
  4. The bridge has housed people from medieval merchants to the butchers till date
  5. It is the oldest bridge of Italy.

Ponte Vecchio Weather & Climate

The best time to be in the old city Florence to take a visit to the Ponte Vecchio is during the spring or autumn. Beside these two the other season like summer and winter face the adversity of its kind thus it is very difficult for the tourists to survive. And during spring and autumn the city is lively and full of colours. Therefore the best season to be in the city and to experience and witness the amazing architectural work done in the ancient time by some famous artistic people is during spring and autumn, that is in the months of March and April and later during September and October.

Things to Do and Things to See in Ponte Vecchio

There are lots of interesting things to see and some adventurous activities to do in the city besides witnessing the oldest bridge of the town that is Ponte Vecchio. They are as follows:

  1. The city has lots of other ancient structures which are worth taking a look at.
  2. Some of the famous historic artefacts are there on the old town.
  3. Lots of musical performances are going on round the year which is fruitfully entertaining.
  4. Some educational sites are also present there to acknowledge yourself and your kids.
  5. Some recreational tourist centers are being opened for your enjoyment and entertainment.
  6. Some Religious sites are too present there.
  7. You can go for a long drive and can have the spectacular view of scenic surrounding the city.
  8. Vineyards
  9. Monuments
  10. Museums
  11. Art Centres
  12. Shopping
  13. Mountaineering
  14. Water Sports.

Ponte Vecchio is one of the finest and oldest bridges of the world. It would be a mesmerising experience to go and visit the same.  

Ponte Vecchio Hours

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