Pompeii is well known as the forgotten city. Earlier it had some Roman settlement that was devastated by the volcanic eruption in 79 AD. The city is located in the province of Naples. It has been first occupied by the Romans in the 6th century and was eventually converted into a Resort city. The city is a major attraction for the archaeologists of the entire world as most of its artifacts have been preserved by the ashes that came out from the volcanic eruptions.


There are very few researchers that tell you about the history of Pompeii. Most of them can let you know about the facts about the volcanic eruption that had buried the city for almost thousands years but there are few which tell you about the history of the same before the volcanic eruption. Before it succumbed into ashes it was a blossoming township and a progressive commercial part of the Sarno River in Italy. It was in the year 700 BC that the Oscans inhabited the area and they established the Pompeii into an important commercial center. It was also culminated as an area for fertilization because of the soil that rested beside the plateaus. In 5th century BC it was conquered by the Samnites. Later in 91-87 BC it was a part of the Rome social war and finally was sacked by the great general Sulla.

Pompeii Information

State Party  Italy
Type Cultural
Criteria iii, iv, v
Reference 829
Region** Europe and North America
Coordinates 40.751000°N 14.487000°E
Pompeii Inscription History
Inscription 1997  (21st Session)



Pompeii Facts

 Some interesting facts about Pompeii are as follows:

The volcano eruption is responsible of the destruction of Pompeii is known as Mount Vesuvius and it happened in the year 79 AD

  1. Before this eruption it was devastated in 62 AD by a massive earthquake.
  2. The city was rediscovered in the year 1738 by the workers of King of Naples.
  3. Some of the notable buildings that have been excavated are Roman Basilica and
  4. An amphitheatre.
  5. Some of the famous paintings, pottery and coinage also went into ashes due to the volcanic eruption.
  6. The remains of the city have been sealed for further protection but can be viewed from a distance.

Pompeii Weather & Climate

 The best time to go for a visit in the forgotten city is in the months of May and June. This time is known as the springtime and therefore the weather is very pleasant there. The temperature is though warming up but is never too hot. In the month of August the city is packed with tourists from all over the world therefore it is too crowded at that point of time.

Things to Do and Things to See in Pompeii

Some interesting things to see and do are as follows:

  1. You can take a historical tour
  2. Check on the ruin ancient sites of the city
  3. Have a look over the mountains especially the Mount Vesuvius
  4. Look over the museums for the mysterious history of the city
  5. Some tourist center are there for making your trip full of enjoyment and fun
  6. There are some other ancient cities nearby Pompeii which you can drop by.
  7. Some Houses of various kings are situated in the town.

Pompeii is a city that is highly visited by the tourist only because of its unique and various architectural designs.

Pompeii Opening Hours

  • April to October - 8.30 a.m - 7.30 p.m (last admission 6.p.m)
  • November to March - 8.30 a.m - 5.00 p.m (last admission 3.30 p.m)