Pennsylvania Travel Guide

Pennsylvania Travel Guide

Pennsylvania Introduction


Pennsylvania Official Language(s) None (English, de facto)
Pennsylvania Spoken Language(s) English 90.7%
Spanish 3.1%
Pennsylvania Dutch
Pennsylvania Demonym Pennsylvanian
Pennsylvania Capital Harrisburg
Pennsylvania Largest City Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Largest Metro Area Delaware Valley
Pennsylvania Area  Ranked 33rd in the US
 - Total 46,055 sq mi
(119,283 km2)
 - Width 280 miles (455 km)
 - Length 160 miles (255 km)
 - % water 2.7
 - Latitude 39°43′ N to 42°16′ N
 - Longitude 74°41′ W to 80°31′ W
Pennsylvania Population  Ranked 6th in the US
 - Total 12,604,767 (2009 est.)
- Density 274.02/sq mi  (105.80/km2)
Ranked 10th in the US
 - Median income  US$48,562 (26th)
Pennsylvania Elevation  
 - Highest point Mount Davis
3,213 ft  (979 m)
 - Mean 1,099 ft  (335 m)
 - Lowest point Delaware River
0 ft  (0 m)
Pennsylvania Before Statehood Province of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Admission to Union  December 12, 1787 (2nd)
Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell (D)
Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor Joseph B. Scarnati III (R)
Pennsylvania Legislature General Assembly
 - Upper house State Senate
 - Lower house House of Representatives
U.S. Senators Arlen Specter (D)
Bob Casey, Jr. (D)
U.S. House delegation 12 Democrats, 7 Republicans
Pennsylvania Time Zone Eastern: UTC-5/-4
Pennsylvania Abbreviations PA Penn. or Penna. US-PA
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  • It is summers and you want to go out, then choose Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is full of greenery.

  • Lovely forests and lots of outdoor activities can be enjoyed there. Pennsylvania was the first capital of the United States.

  • This place has a key position among the other first 13 states of the United States that is why it has a nickname ‘ the Keystone state’.

Beauty of Pennsylvania

  • You can see landscapes in one of its hills, valleys, rivers and lakes.
  • It also has plateaus and ridges which are very attractive.
  • You can visit Allegheny National Forest.
  • Visitors can also see Pocono Mountains.
  • Pennsylvania’s forests are blaze with autumn colors in the fall.
  • It also has historic monuments and something of cultural Mecca which has many museums.
  • This city has a colorful history which was started out by the ‘Holy Experiment’ of Quaker activist William Penn, Jr.

When to Go in Pennsylvania

  • Summers are time to have fun in Pennsylvania. You can have outdoor activities.

  • Camping can be done. Some other activities are like fishing, boating, cooking food on fire

  • Poker can be enjoyed there.

  • You can see Snake and Animal farm. Kayaking can be enjoyed.

  • Buy things from the local market. Shopping things you ever wanted to buy.

  • Enjoy whole afternoons in fishing. Mountain biking, hiking, white water raft and other water activities can make your day.

  • Visitors can play golf and also enjoy waterski. Holidays here can be adventurous.

  • All types of activities can be enjoyed by you and by your whole family.

Pennsylvania Weather

  • The weather of Pennsylvania changes.
  • It has moderate amount of rain throughout the year.
  • There are occasional heat waves in the summer season.
  • In winters, snowfall in the western part of the state.

Shopping in Pennsylvania

  • If you want to buy antiques and handicrafts then you should surely go to Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

  • Independence Mall, Head house square and New market are some of the main shopping areas in Philadelphia.

  • The Plaza and The Court at King are in the north of the city.

  • If you want to buy things with less price then you can go to Franklin Mills are just outside the city and there is no sales tax on clothing and shoes.

Places to go in Pennsylvania

  • You can enjoy rafting in the Youghiogheny River. You can have best rafting experience there.

  • Visitors can take a ride on the steam train at the Steamtown.

  • You can have a look on the world’s largest chocolate factory in the town of Hershey. There are many amusement parks and shopping outlets.

  • Visitors can enjoy hiking and ski on the hills.

  • You can go to jazz clubs, dinner theaters, and ethnic entertainment throughout the city. The nightlife is not dull but happening.

  • You can go to The Lord & Taylor Holiday Light Show and also enjoy the Organ Concert which is one of Philadelphia’s best.