Pennsylvania Tourist Attractions

Pennsylvania Tourist Attractions

Pennsylvania Attractions

Pennsylvania has in itself some very ornate secrets – some of the most beautiful places on the earth. It is bordered by Delaware and Maryland to the south, while West Virginia is to the southwest, Ohio is in the west, and New York, Ontario, and Canada, are to the north. New Jersey is in the east. The capital of the state is Harrisburg.
Pennsylvania has lots of natural bounty to attract tourists. There is also a vast 82 km of coastline along Lake Erie and 92 km of shoreline along the Delaware Estuary.

The Human Centrifuge was once a secret base, but now, it has been turned to a tourist destination. It is located in Warminster.

The Space Acorn in Kecksburg is something worth paying a visit to while you are in Pennsylvania.

The Mercer Museum has carefully preserved numerous historical artifacts in a spectacular way. It also exhibits a vampire killing kit. The museum is in Doylestown in Pennsylvania.

The Eastern State Penitentiary is an old and massive prison.

Visit Denny's Beer Barrel Pub to see and taste the world’s largest burgers. Some of them weigh more than 123 pounds.

The Insectarium is a place where not only you can know a lot about the insects, but befriend many of them
The Big Mac Museum is a homage to the chain of McDonald's.

Go for a tour to the Crayola Factory and feel the warm scent of the wax and the crayons color your senses.
The Gravity Hills in New Paris, Pennsylvania is not a haunted building, but there are strange phenomena associated with them.

The Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom located in the Philadelphia Countryside Region is one of the most famous theme parks of Pennsylvania.

The Popcorn Hat Players at the Children's Theatre at Harrisburg is one of the most famous places of Pennsylvania.
The Hershey Park at Pennsylvania is a place where you can partake in fun activities with your children
The Pymatuning Wildlife Learning Center and the Museum which has been established in 1938 is very famous among tourists from all parts of the world.

Some of the most beautiful attractions of Pennsylvania are there in the mountains of Pennsylvania, and sometimes lie neglected. Travel down the side roads and find a handful of unexcavated treats for the eyes.
In the wild Allegheny Forest, there is a small memorial of Lost Children of the Alleghenies. You can also read the story behind the memorial.

If you are travelling through the Allegheny Mountains, you can also come across the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima.
Tour Frank Lloyd Wrights "Falling Water” in the Allegheny Mountains and soak in the view.

Take a ride on the World’s Oldest Wooden Roller Coaster Ride.

At Pennsylvania state park, you can go camping, hiking, boating or swimming. Prince Gallitzin State Park is a favorite among the families who visit Pennsylvania with their children.

Visiting Pennsylvania during the Pococo Garlic Festival is going to give a palatial treat with lots of foods that are made with garlic.

Visit the Haunted Jean Bonnet Tavern and feel the fear in your spine.

If your vehicle is already tired with all the travelling, get a full service at the oldest Gasoline Station in Pennsylvania.
Drive along the Historic PA Lincoln Highway and enjoy the scenic beauty and roadside attractions.

Pennsylvania Featured Attractions

Pennsylvania Featured Attraction Address
The Human Centrifuge Warminster, Pennsylvania
Space Acorn Kecksburg, Pennsylvania
Where Mad Anthony Wayne Died Erie, Pennsylvania
Mercer Museum: Historic Gallows Doylestown, Pennsylvania
Eastern State Penitentiary Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Toy Robot Museum Adamstown, Pennsylvania
Drake Well Museum Titusville, Pennsylvania
Weather Capital of the World Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania
World's Largest Burgers Clearfield, Pennsylvania