Orlando Travel


Visiting United States of America without a trip to Orlando is definitely not worth it! The city of Orlando with a vast multi racial population is the 6th largest city in Florida and the prime city of Greater Orlando. The city offers some major tourists attractions that are worth visiting. Unlike many other tourists’ spots, Orlando offers every opportunities and fun for every age, from the children to the adults. It is perhaps the most happening place for a wonderful family vacation. With the world-class array of theme parks, outdoor activities and a sizzling nightlife, Orlando could be just the perfect place for your next escapade!

The Disney Land Resort

If you think time never runs backward then perhaps you are wrong! The Disney World Resort at Orlando is worth of proving it wrong. The outrageous heart throbbing rides and the assortment of life size fantasy puppets will undoubtedly make you travel through time!

The park is owned and maintained by the Walt Disney Company and is a major attraction of tourists of all age worldwide. The park has been divided into several sections with specific themes, such as the Adventureland, FantasyLand, Tomorrowland, Mickey’s Toon Town and several others. Each section bears a special theme according to which their name had been given. Another park, opened recently in 2001 is famous for its display of history and culture of the Golden State. Apart from the renowned parks, the resort consists of three hotels and several spas, restaurants, dining and shopping malls. The Walt Disney resort is a must for everybody vacationing in the United States, if not for yourself but for your children.

The SeaWorld Orlando

If you are the one seeking for a little adventure during your stay at Orlando, then this just the place to visit. The 200 acres large theme park displays sea creatures of different origin and types. You can engulf in the display of the sea lions, dolphins, killer whales, stingrays and numerous other types. Your eyes will seem that they can never get enough in the Seaworld Orlando. The park also offers a relatively smaller recreational park with roller coasters rides, some restaurants and excellent parking. Seaworld Orlando is very closer from the city centre with just 10 minutes away from the south downtown of Orlando. The park offers facilities for the disabled as well.

The Universal Orlando Resort

It is the second largest resort park in Orlando after the Disney world. The park consists of two theme parks and three hotels. The park was built on the theme of the famous Universal studios of the Hollywood. However, today the Universal Orlando Resort has expanded and is much larger in size than the original Universal Studios. The park has an extention known as the Adventure Park. The Universal Studios Florida is successful in delivering its visitors the feeling of an actual movie set of the Hollywood. The park is divided into six theme-based areas such as, Hollywood, Production Centres, New York, Kid Zone, San Francisco and World Expo. The Adventure Park has been built in 1999 with six theme-based islands to visit. The Other Park within the Universal Orlando region, Universal Citywalk is famous for its attractive nightlife that consists of several superlative Cineplex, shopping malls, clubs and restaurants.

Outdoor Activities in Orlando

The sundrenched weather all throughout the year in Orlando will never make you sit back at home. With the options of a variety of activities to do at hand, there is always something to have fun with in Orlando.

The beaches in Orlando are among the finest in the city and offer some world-class resorts to relax in and enjoy the sunlight. There is a wide assortment of outdoor activities available for the tourists. Scuba diving, sky gliding, Para gliding are some of the exciting sports that are among the favourites of the majority of vacationers. If you want to upgrade the addition of adventure during your vacation in Orlando then rafting is just the right sport for you. And for those of you who just want to keep audacity low and take pleasure in some quality sightseeing then you can visit the Central Florida Zoological Park. This 100 acres park offers displays of an assortment of tropical animals.

Museums in Orlando

Orlando is concurrently rich in history and culture. This is reflected in the presence of the wide number of museums and art centres around the city. The Morse Museum Of American Art, the Orange County regional history centre, Orlando Museum of Art, the Orange County regional History centre, Orlando science centre are some of the areas of attraction among the tourists visiting every year.