Decades back there existed a situation where if you are planning to take up an air-travel, whether on business, personal trip, vacation or for any other purpose, you were to undergo various hassles - phone calls, physically visiting the concerned air-lines office, standing in the queue along with other passengers waiting for their turn at the reception or ticket counter, buying tickets, checking them there itself, taking out money from your valet and getting back the balance and so on.

But you can see all these hassles have become a thing of the past and forgotten as wild nightmares and the present day traveler enjoys the fruit of modern technology - the computer and internet. Sitting in your drawing room with your pajamas, you can go around the world by clicking your mouse online and get whatever you want, just for the asking.

Everything what you need

Sensing the huge potential business both existing and in future, air-line companies the world over are vying with each other in luring their prospective customers by pampering all the information they require, the minute ones notwithstanding, by opening up their own websites dumped with relevant details. The fore-runners in this exercise were the biggest airlines of the U.S. and other European countries. They accumulated their resources, joined together for the common cause and presented a website namely "orbitz" which is now the most popular one among international as well as domestic air-travelers.

A new phase of Travel

Well what you can get from Orbitz- anything : airline tickets; pick of travel choices; travel maps; vacation travel; complete worldwide information on flights/schedules; how to travel cheap; packages of vacation; discounts available on airfare; travel cruises; payment facilities by using MasterCard, Visa and the like and in addition relevant links to related topics, contacts and subjects.

The sole object of these travel assistance websites is to offer a pleasant travel experience to the ultimate customer. The choices offered are so many with updated particulars, meticulously compiled from various sources in line with the present day needs of the sophisticated air-traveler. In short you can just relax and entrust your travel arrangements to them - right from obtaining a passport to staying in hotels according to your expectations and budget as well as trips inland to places you wish to visit by car, van or bus - all arranged well in a complete package. You will be lead by your hand into detailed guidelines, dos and don'ts, useful tips to save money, time and physical strain and even what are the must items you should carry while flying - a wonderful collection indeed.

You are most welcome to these websites, navigate through them, and get the minutest detail so as to enjoy your next trip by air - any airline of your choice!